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2017 winter fashionable abaya Hijab for the girls


Abaya is mostly used among the Muslim ladies because it is an essential stuff to carry for covering your body .abaya is carried by the girls not only in the Muslim cultures rather it is carried by the all over the  girls in the different countries because  in the abaya you feel comfortable   and when you are going outside you can carry abaya whether you have any type dress  in the Hijab  there are different stuffs are used that gives you a decent and trendy look the trend of everything can’t remain same  whether it is in the dress ,shoes bags or anything which we used. When the trend of abaya had started only the black color was common but now there are many colors which are carried by the ladies it is in the different style like kaftan, A-line style, butterfly and many others with the different scarf’s and the staler like pashmina ,chiffon ,georgette and the  wool stuff all are wore by the girls.  Now in this winter different style abaya and Hijab are trendy so the girls who like to go different style abaya and Hijab then visit this article and select the abaya with the different Hijab.

Black with grey:


Black abaya with the grey Hijab is decent black with the grey shrug and the  grey jarsi stuff Hijab is nice when on the fur waist coat you will carry  the Hijab in the  multi rolling style in the winter it will save you from the cool breeze .A-line  abaya is ever green you can carry it in the winter and summer both season and for the feminine beauty this abaya is best choice.  At the place of the grey you can carry  the maroon and the navy blue color  Hijab with the abaya.

Hijab with coat:


In the winter season when you are going outside then carry the  over coat  in the abaya style and the black color fully wrapped Hijab is looking nice you can carry it  for the get to rheters party and the outgoing place  triangle  shaped scarf in the printed style is good for those girls who have long face shape  then they can carry the peep toe high heel shoes with your  abaya coat and Hijab.

Maxi dress with Hijab:

Maxi dress is god for the formal semi formal and the casual  routines it gives you a  nice and decent look the girls who are going  on the function and carry maxi and want to adorn themselves with the Hijab then  carry grey shaded shrug  with the  grey beige color hijab  with the Hijab carry the cap  and the Turkish style wear the  scarf and the Hijab for the young girls this style is best.

Block printed staler with abaya:


Floor length bell bottom style abaya s pleated and totally simple if you want to carry the  something  fancy abaya then the black work on the black abaya is nice choice  carry skin color Hijab on the head with the block printed white and black color  Hijab  for the street style  with the  cross shoulder hand bag  at the place of black and white carry the red and black also for the senior ladies outgoing look.

Skirt with shirt and Hijab:


Skirt is carried by the girls in every season because it gives you a fabulous look twin cute shaded skirt means in black and pink color skirt with the bolero jacket is looking awesome the jacket is embellished with the thread embroidery pleated long skirt with the black Hijab in the jarsi stuff the high heel coat shoes are best for the winter season you can carry the Hijab in the wool stuff velvet Hijab is also carried by the girls.

Long coat with Hijab:


Black one piece dress with the long coat  in the grey color is looking amazing in the winter  dark grey color long coat with the collar neckline  with this dress carry the pink color Hijab in the pashmina stuff   silk and pashm Hijab are good for the winter with this Hijab you can carry the a-line abaya simple but with the long coat you have no  need to carry abaya because it is also a nice style with the long high heel ankle boots in black color .


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