Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Amazing Hijab Trends with Designer Abayas


Cool hijab and abaya fashion trend

Hijab and abaya are utmost considerable and very much valuable facts of Islam for women, hijab is considered as piece of scarf from which whole head region is covered. Main purpose of hijab is to cover hairs from sight of men. There are now major fashion trends regarding hijab which involves matching hijab with abaya, hijab with fashionista dresses, hijab with western styles dresses, hijab with bridal dress, embroider hijab dress, hijab dress and a lot more. Not only dresses with hijab are frequently different but also there is numerous numbers of ways to carry hijab with your desired dress.

Our currently drafted presentation is correlated with display of refined and radiant fashion collection of hijab with abayas. Both of segments refer to ravishing fashion facts and figures that are high in demand. Abaya and hijab comparative worn out y ladies all over the world and even by ladies who are not probably linked with Islam or Pakistani culture but they probably like to carry it in fashion way. Just take a look at our elected collection and do tell your opinion about it.


Cute light shaded hijab and abaya:



Kaftan style abaya with hijab:



White hijab with abaya:



New style abaya:





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