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Classy and Chic Styles of Hijab and Abayas

Islamic hijab styles

The trend of Hijab and abaya is increasing day by day and looking at the enthusiasm and eagerness of ladies designer are introducing new designs and styles in abayas and hijab. Every lady is following this trend either a fashionista or somber soul. Whether it is west or east everywhere Hijab fashion can be seen and girls of every age are wearing Hijab with zest and zeal.

Women love to have different stylish abayas and hijabs in their wardrobe to make style statement and they like to bring changes even in abayas and hijab. Most university going girls and college students do wear Hijab and abaya all the day long. Women feel comfortable and classy in Hijab and abayas because of its new designs and stylish techniques to wear. Different style of Hijab and abaya are shown here;

Hijab and abaya in different shades of same color;


A very nice-looking abaya is before us and the color scheme of the abaya and Hijab is very awesome and striking. Brown color in two shades is used and both Hijab and abaya are complementing each other. Ankle length abaya with fitted sleeves and pleats started from the belted waist is making the abaya a stylish piece to wear. Hijab in multiple layers is taken on the head and holding a bag in one hand you are ready to go to your working place if you are a working lady with decent and respectable look.

Ferozi color abaya with biege color Hijab;


Ferozi color exudes a lot of feminism and it distinguishes one from the others. This color is looking very attractive in abaya. Floor length hemline, belt from waist, fitted sleeves and dupatta draped from one shoulder, these are the constituents that are making the abaya stylish and modish. Biege colored Hijab in silk fabric is making very nice pair with the abaya and shoes of the same color of the Hijab are looking commendable. Despite its stylish stitching form the abaya is giving a very decent look.

Floor length abaya with frilled neckline;


This floor length abaya with frilled neckline is what making the abaya different from others and wearing this abaya you will really look style statement as the colors are very nice and stitching pattern is attention-grabbing. A belt around the waist and fully pleated bottom will make you look stylish and different from others. Silk fabric is used to make this abaya and Hijab. Hijab is draped in such a way that multiple layers are formed around the neck. You can wear this abaya at the time of going to some ceremony so that your look from start to end will look very stunning and awesome.

Black zipper abaya with white color scarf;

This abaya is for young girls and the girls who have just started wearing Hijab and abaya can start from this. A very easy way to put it off and can take this style of abaya and hijab easily. Very intrigue embroidery is done on both sides of the shoulders with silver color. Black color shoes are looking perfect with the abaya.

Abaya and Hijab with regal look;


Floor length abaya with the combination of three colors will make its possessor look nice and somewhat of royal. Golden embroidery work around the waistline and front open with brown and black color combination is looking adorable. Golden color scarf paired with black cap is making perfect tone with the abaya. This is a very nice-looking abaya and wearable for the young girls especially for special event. You can hold a clutch in your hand to complete your look.

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