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Designs Of Belt Abaya With Hijab

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With new designs and style abayas are attracting women and women find them looking very fashionable and mod wearing abaya and Hijab. In Muslim countries women who do hijab are considered to be pious and religious but now it has become fashion to wear abaya and Hijab.

Women to look stylish and mod are now following this trend and looking at their craze designers are introducing new designing for abayas. These abayas with sash or belt around the waist can give more eye-catching and attention-grabbing look.

In different colors these abayas can give you attractive and smart look and with sash or belt these will give you stunning and striking look. No matter the color is golden or silver rather any of the color can be found ion belts and you can make the contrast of colors of abaya and belt to make the abaya eye-catching. Some abayas with belt or sash are shown here for you:

Orange color belted abaya with orange shimmery Hijab:

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Orange color abaya will give you very vibrant and prominent look and for summer this color will do wonders for you. This floor length abaya in this lovely color with golden belt is looking enthralling. Orange color Hijab with shimmery fabric can further increase the charm of the abaya. Wearing Golden color code shoes you will look very lovely and gorgeous in this Hijab and abaya.

Black and white color belted abaya with Hijab:

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Net lace fabricated abaya in white color is looking very lovely and black color sleeves have made the abaya more stunning. With black belt around the waist the charm of abaya is increased and it is looking more attractive. Black color Hijab worn over the head is looking fabulous with the abaya. This abaya is not embellished but it is perfect to have simple yet stylish look.

Blue color open front abaya with tiger printed Hijab:

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Blue color open front style abaya is looking very eye-catching and attention-grabbing. With printed colorful belt around the waist you can make the abaya more classy and wonderful. Leopard printed hijab with the abaya and silver earrings will make your look glowing and radiant.

Tea pink color abaya with black Hijab:

4.belt abaya with hijab (7)

This tea pink color abaya will make you look very fascinating and mesmerizing. With golden belt around the waist you can make the abaya inspirational and this will give your abaya captivating look. Black color Hijab with multi-layered style will make your look elegant and sophisticated.
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