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7. Most popular exclusive abaya

0. Most popular exclusive abaya

Abayas are wore by many   Muslim ladies and it is best way to hide your body from unknown men because In Islam religion it is a sin to expose your body in front of a person who is not related with you and not blood relation of you with him then you can’t show your any sexual part and feminine beauty of anyone except of your husband because it is the right of a wife that her husband appreciate her but it is our religious obligation that we remain in veil when we go outside .In Pakistan there is much trend of abayas but except of Pakistan abaya are carried by many Muslim who are live in another countries but their styles are different to each other and you can wear abaya with staler, scarf and duppata. Abayas become a fashion in many countries many ladies wear it as a fashion but abayas ,s purpose is veil, it is something like maxi and gowns   and kaftans style is in trend you can buy any traditional abayas for you but keep in mind it is according to the fashion but abayas ,s fabric should be good because   it can’t be purchase at many time.

0++ Most popular exclusive abaya

Kaftans style lavender is very nice and elegant and you can wear fancy staler with simple embroidery and if you are normal years like 30 to 35 then you can go with this abaya. With this abaya you can wear floral style plain staler with it.


1. Most popular exclusive abaya

In Pakistan many girls wear fit and floor length abayas with pleated style it look so nice and beautiful with scarf and staler and with the Rhine stone of black color  make your abayas fancy and nice.
2. Most popular exclusive abaya

Double stuff style front is open and frill style on sleeves and on the border in the light skin color you look cool and elegant but at the place of red frill you can use light color like skin and navy blue then it is perfect.

3. Most popular exclusive abaya
Kaftans style abayas with   pleated long sleeves with front is embellished with stones look very beautiful when you wear it with red and golden scarf and this abaya can called the butterfly abayas and it is best for young girls.

4. Most popular exclusive abaya

Front buttoned  down style  abaya in many colors are available  in the market you can  buy it  in any color like blue, brown and skin colors  and with this abaya you can wear Turkish hijab  and misri hijab because it look very elegant.
5. Most popular exclusive abaya

Plain kaftans style abaya with printed scarf looks very beautiful because when you carry simple with something colorful and printed   thing then you look a decent girl and mostly the Dubai girls carry this abaya now its trend is in Pakistan also.

6. Most popular exclusive abaya

Embroider pleated kaftans abaya in butterfly style is very latest and when you wear it people think that you have wear a formal dress then you have no need a fancy staler with this abaya because it  is already fancy  but if you like much embroidery then you can  do embroidery on your staler same like your abaya.
7. Most popular exclusive abaya

The black color is  mostly favorite color of everyone  rather it look great when you wear a black than that of any abaya   so a new style is angrakha in the abaya you can  embellish your abaya  with velvet and shamus stuff   for angrakha design  and at the place of fabric flower you can stitch a patch or tussle also.

8. Most popular exclusive abaya

Long coat style abaya  is very nice and give you a gorgeous look  if you are fed up from your Arabian and kaftans style abayas then you can go with it  because it is so comfortable and when you wear such abayas then silk ,georgette and chiffon scarf and staler look elegant .

9. Most popular exclusive abaya

Bonus tip:

Abaya is made for the safety of a women so please  wear  such abayas which fulfill the requires of a religion not just for fashion .Kaftans style abayas are good  because they are wide and loose that covers our  whole body parts. Use such staler and scarf styles which go best with your face shapes.


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