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Different Style Abaya & Hijab Collection For Little Girls

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Abaya is a symbol of modesty and religious obligation for Muslim ladies, Allah says in Quran:
“O Prophet! Tell your wives, your daughter and the women who are believers to put on cloaks all over their bodies.

That will be better, that they should be known so as not to be annoyed. Allah is Most-forgiving and most Merciful”. Allah has ordained Muslim women to cover their body and also tells the reason that in order to keep themselves safe and protected they must wear a large cloak that can cover them from head to toe.

A woman cover in cloak is less liable to be victimized by men. A woman wearing abaya has not to explain that she belongs to a Muslim and good family, her abaya tells others that she is a modest woman who wants her chastity safe.

In some Arabic countries abaya is must to wear while in some countries it is optional. In Muslim families when little girls see their elders as mothers and elder sisters, they get inspiration and like to wear abaya even in small age.

Little girls like to copy their elders in different ways of life as in studying, eating, and dressing also, sometimes they demand the same dress like the mother or elder sister.

While going out with mother or sister, when they see them covering their body with abaya and feeling relaxed, they also wish to wear and abaya. Sometimes it is difficult to find a matching small abaya for little girls so here we have gathered some stylish abayas for little girls and from here you can find a pair of small and normal abaya sizes.

Little girls are being attracted toward abayas looking at the fabulous designs and new styles. These abayas are designed in two different sizes for different age girls in simple black color and adorned with a beautiful chikankari lace placed on the waistline and

edges of long sleeves making abaya dresses beautiful and stylish. Here is an idea for you that you can pair this abaya with plain hijab match to the color of lace for your little doll.

Some kids girls like to wear same color and design of abaya match to their mother/sister and if you are in search for the same style abaya so here is a pair of abaya that you can buy for you and your little one.

Light peach color abaya is designed in tunic style and decorated with light powder blue color machine embroidery. Consider these matching abayas for a party and be the centre of attention.

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