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Different Styles of Hijab And Headscarf With Various Outfits

3. Ideas on How To Wear Headscarf with diffrent dresses

There are  many ways to carry hijab  and scarf because now a days it  become the part of our dressing  ladies carry it for the head covering and as a fashion because with the duppata we have not find such  personality which we get from the  hijab and scarf.

For carrying the hijab it  is not compulsory for you that carry  the hijab and scarf you can make the duppata your scarf  because there are many styles which are common among the girls to carry  scarf. if your scarf is simple and without any embroidery then you can carry the different styles brooches and the fancy pins which can give you an outstanding  look  tie knot style, irani style ,Iraqi style ,misri style and Turkish style etc and very trendy and common among the Islamic  girls.

Carrying Hijab and head scarf are also a trend like the abaya because people only carry it for the fashion and look like trendy girls. The abaya is the religious item in the Muslim outfits because it is ordered for the Muslim to cover their body and head in front of the unfamiliar males and cover your hair all the time.

Saudi style hijab:

1. Ideas on How To Wear Headscarf with diffrent dresses

Saudi style hijab is very good and this style is very easy to make cover your hair in a nice way you can carry it with your party dress, casual dress and the semi formal dresses your Saudi style hijab is best if your dress is simple then you can carry fancy hijab with it that will give you a cool and formal look.  With your shirt and trouser, pant and shirt and your any party outfit it is great choice.

Simple and elegant hijab:

2. Ideas on How To Wear Headscarf with diffrent dresses

The senior ladies  who  don’t like t do much fashions like mothers, aunts etc  and these ladies who are connected to any  job or  profession then they can carry the hijab in the simple  and elegant way  the front knot style is  on your neck and all the hijab is on the upper side  you can carry it in any season because it can be carry in all the stuff but in the pashmina stuff  it is very good to carry.

Turkish hijab and scarf style:

3. Ideas on How To Wear Headscarf with diffrent dresses

In the turkey mostly  women like to carry hijab and head scarf  because it gives you a decent look  Turkish hijab is  very easy to do with the scarf becau8se it is in the shape of knot but knot is made with the brooches not in the tie shape  it is carried by those lades  who  like to go in the scarf and hijab  the Turkish ladies like the silk and the chiffon  fabric for  made the scarf because it look so delicate and  nice when you cover it with the pins it gives you a nice look.

Iraqi style hijab:

4. Ideas on How To Wear Headscarf with diffrent dresses

In all the countries Iraqi style is mostly liked by the other because it give them an outstanding look for the  students of colleges and the universities this head scarf style nice to carry  you can carry it with your  fancy and the  casual  both style abaya  this scarf style consider nice other than all the  scarfs  you can carry it with jeans ,top with pant ,maxi dress and the  skirts . it is best for the formal outgoing you shpuld not  be worried to carry it.

Turban style hijab:

5. Ideas on How To Wear Headscarf with diffrent dresses

Turban hijab and head scarf are good for those girls who like to go in the sports and the other sports things you can go with the turban scarf with it you can carry fancy and formal dresses because it is for those girl who are connected with the street style fashion and if you are going in party and you want to carry heavy embroided dress then you can wear the turban style hijab which is so decent and gorgeous.

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