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Embellished Hijab Style Ideas By Dolce And Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana’s Embellished Hijabs collection (10)

The Hijab is the compulsory for the Muslim ladies because it gives them protection from the eyes  of the unknown  males because in Islam  it is ordered for the  ladies  to keep yourself covered in front of the males  so the Hijab is  made for the ladies with the abaya.

The Hijab is not common among the  Muslim ladies rather it is carried in the  all over the world the  girls carry it not for the religious duty  rather it is used for the  fashion because  in the Hijab you  have no need to make any hairstyle with the dresses you can carry the hijab it is not only in the black color rather carry any color any stuff and any  print Hijab for the gorgeous look .black color abaya with the Hijab is  good the office ladies,  students, college girls, senior ladies and the all girls are using it  because in it two thing are at one time first it covers your head and second it is the demand of  time.

So the Hijab are not  make in the market rather it is made in the  big designers brand  because the demand of Hijab is increasing day by day so the  dolce and Gabbana the western  designer has designed different  style hijabs for you  that are looking so beautiful and attractive so stay with us and see the different style Hijab for the best look.

Light grey with black:

1. Dolce & Gabbana’s Embellished Hijabs collection

Light grey color abaya is looking so nice  silk stuff open style abaya  with black floral chiffon lace is looking so nice  on the neckline sleeves and the bottom the wide lace is giving your  gown a perfect look  the sleeves are in the bell bottom style  with it you can carry the high heel sandal and pumps  and the glasses of dolce and Gabbana  for represent the designer.

Double layer abaya:

2. Dolce & Gabbana’s Embellished Hijabs collection

Black looks so graceful  on the ladies floor length maxi style  abaya it is in the chiffon lace  the inner side of the abaya is in the silk floral stuff  in the center of the abaya the  elastic is used for the good fitting  bell bottom style sleeves with the lace stuff  wrapping Hijab also in black with the printed pouch is  good  for you so go with this abaya and Hijab  anywhere as a student.

Black and white shaded abaya:

3. Dolce & Gabbana’s Embellished Hijabs collection

Black simple A-line abaya is looking good for the  going out in the winter if you are going outside and you have no time for change your dress then this abaya is best for you it will cover  your dress  so the black color chiffon  abaya with lace jacket in the off white color  is beautiful in the center of the abaya the  grey color sparkling patches are used  and on the edges the floral lace  with black same  silver lace embellished.

Black and white abaya:

4. Dolce & Gabbana’s Embellished Hijabs collection

Black and white wedding gown style abaya is very unique  the off white stuff is used in the inner side and  on the upper side  the botanic print abaya is used in the organza  stuff with the front fitted sleeves  in  the  bottom of the abaya the black patch is used that is making your  appearance beautiful  for the formal look carry this abaya and simple Hijab because the dress and other accessory will be fancy.

Skin color abaya style:

5. Dolce & Gabbana’s Embellished Hijabs collection

Skin color abaya open style that is in the new style the chiffon lace is used in the overall abaya floral and very wide lace is used on the sleeves  in the center of abaya on with this abaya carry the same black color Hijab with the black lace is looking awesome  for the street style look this abaya  is best  bell bottom  sleeves with the high heel pointed shoes  with black bag and the nail paint.


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