Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Eye Catching Abaya and Hijab Collection for Modern Girls


Remarkable and beauteous fashion abaya and hijab for girls

Hijb and abaya are considered as current hot fashion trend that are likely to be carried by girls all over the world. Origin of hijab and abaya is from Muslim world as Muslim women wear abaya which start from shoulder region and ends at ankles of feet. Abaya is mostly worn out with hijab and naqab. Hijab is piece of scarf that is wrapped all around the head to cover each and every bit of hairs so that men can’t see even a single strand of hair as well. naqab is full face covering piece of scarf which is settled with safety pins or some type of broaches as well.

Our currently drafted presentation is allied with display of amazing and highly standardize fashion collection of hijab and abaya. Hijabs and abayas are now available in varied designs and top ranked fashion industries are likely to be involved in making extremely delicate and lavish designs for ladies as well. Just seek through our drafted presentation and you will find out lush and highly amazing fashion collection and styles of abaya and hijab that are currently hot in fashion world and is highly demanded by ladies as well.

Embroidered hijab and abaya set:


Printed chiffon hijab and abaya:



Stylish abaya and hijab:


Dress style abaya with hijab:



Beige color hijab and abaya:



Modern hijab style:




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