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Fancy Moroccan Abaya Styles with Latest Designs for Girls

0. Moroccan Abaya Styles for girls


0. Moroccan Abaya Styles for girls

Every girl gets moved towards the planet of fashion just considering the power and importance of trends. Looking forward to update the style statement is the need of every fashion lady even a Muslimah too. Whenever we think of Islamic pairing, abaya instantly clicks due to its significance but now days you must go far ahead because fashion hues have been added to make the abayas ethnic. Today I wanna do a twist with Moroccan style abayas layering here the latest designs just to relish your choice. Moroccan abayas are usually same like a takchita dress but you can’t mix up the two.
At present, every girl seems inspired of the abayas with Hijab pairing due to its sophistication and ethnicity combined when girls style it going out or even formally, yes the Moroccan girls like to wear these caftan abayas on their weddings and different festivals. You can think that these Moroccan style abayas or dresses contain as much importance as a national dress has. The abaya designs given below are chic and it’s up to you whether a piece of Hijab is opt full or a stole wrapped around the face.
Well I wanna display the latest style Moroccan abayas that are in tradition style but you will find it most modern crafting the exquisite silhouettes. Let’s have a check.

Black Hijab with Moroccan twist abaya:

1. Moroccan Abaya Styles for girls

Ok! Fashion ladies take a start with this cool abaya just by tucking black belt and black Hijab to be a true Hijabista. If you are going to shopping with friends then wear this but get the cool hues of makeover.

Sequined Moroccan fancy abaya:

2. Moroccan Abaya Styles for girls

For wedding parties and this can try by girls just to amaze their appearance wondrously, yet Hijab is choice for you. But I would rather say, the true combination of abaya is with Hijab so must have this when wearing abaya.

Fresh pink abaya for girls:


3. Moroccan Abaya Styles for girls

The fresh pink abaya is best to style in spring and summer days that is embroidered and has lace work. If there is a party with flower crown theme then opts for pink and white floral crown just to make the look refreshing.

White Moroccan caftan abaya:

4. Moroccan Abaya Styles for girls

White is really very decent for any season and this white caftan abaya has the lurid charm of golden embroidery with golden enchanting belt that contains the perfect Moroccan silhouettes.

Peach simple abaya:

5. Moroccan Abaya Styles for girls

Peach sheer clothing Moroccan style abaya has just the elegancy of silver embroidery with cool motifs. Pair white Hijab with this abaya and rock the image carrying sophistication. Wear matching jewelry with abaya and high heels to maintain the height.

Fully embroidered bridal Moroccan abaya:

6. Moroccan Abaya Styles for girls

The designer abaya has the subtle silhouettes of gorgeous embroidery on all the dress and floor length style is creating fantastic appeal for newlywed brides who can enchant this to the evening parties or the wedding ceremonies.

Green silk abaya:

7. Moroccan Abaya Styles for girls

Mixing of plain and printed pattern, the abaya has been designed to make its lure more fetching. For fall or winter days, this abaya can work well for different occasions, just accessorize it d3ecently but modernly.

Pearl beaded abaya:

8. Moroccan Abaya Styles for girls

Chiffon sea green abaya has the pearl details crating the neckline beautifully. To look more beautiful just have the makeup done perfectly and don’t forget to wear pearl design ring in fingers to enhance the fascination.

Black net fancy abaya:

9. Moroccan Abaya Styles for girls

Sizzling black abaya has the fascination for evening parties that has been embroidered beautifully embellishing the antique gold sequins. Wear antique gold silk scarf with this abaya style and be fanciful.

Teal blue bridal abaya:

10. Moroccan Abaya Styles for girls

Teal blue color has the great charisma and this Moroccan abaya is fascinatingly designed with pearl. Brides can wear this on their wedding day or to the parties on which they have to look mesmerizing.

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