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Lace Style Abaya and Hijab for Girls

0+ lace style abaya and hijab for girls

Different abaya with hijab for girls

0. lace style abaya and hijab for girls

There are so many ways to wear hijab and  abaya with hijab is also a great thing and abaya is compulsory   for the Muslim girls because  it is their religious obligation to cover their body  and it should be in the trendy and traditional way .Hijab is basically made for the  covering the face and the body  because it is the  order of  the Islam    and the many Muslim ladies obey the order of Islam and some   new generation girls  find the trendy things means they want to  wear two in one  fashion and  duty   both  should be in one thing .In many countries whether it is eastern or it is western woman  carry abaya with  hijab  for  the stylish girls  the designer introduced their collection   also in abaya  because some conscious ladies want to go with the branded things and these abayas  are stitched in so many  ways  and you can carry it on any dress   if you want    to go outside and you  are not well  dressed then it’s not a problem because your abaya is trendy and    stylish it can easily work as the  place of your fashionable dresses  so if you are true lover of  the abaya with hijab then stay with us and see different lace abaya.
0+ lace style abaya and hijab for girls

Kaftans style:

1. lace style abaya and hijab for girls

Black color is basically color which is made for the abaya but now a day many colors are in fashion kaftans style abaya embellish with lace on the neckline and the sleeves  it can be  easily  buy from the market and you can stitch according to your wish and with it any style hijab is good   Floral  red color hijab can give you a young look and you can rock with abaya and hijab.

Open style:

2. lace style abaya and hijab for girls

A line open abaya is the mostly  choice of the street style girls because  they  like such styles that are  attractive  black and white color abaya  is  giving  you a nice look the whole is embellish with lace  and with it you can wear the chiffon    hijab in skin and grey color  because black can go with any one   n the western countries   mostly girls carry this style hijab.

Simple black:

3. lace style abaya and hijab for girls

Simple black look so nice and the  elegant the velvet  fabric made floral lace  on the center of the abaya and the bell bottom sleeves   it is open style  you can  add the  fancy button on it to make it fancier  with this abaya   check  style  staler and the  scarf  will be nice  and you can  carry it   simple   abaya with the  simple  hijab  it is decent and   gorgeous.

Laced abaya:

4. lace style abaya and hijab for girls

Button down  flare abaya with the lace and the  lace is on the upper of the abaya and the hemline is embellished with the lace  with fancy sleeves  and the hijab is also  decorated with the lace the lace is so wide and  broad  you can stitch  this abaya   in the sleek lace because it  is  according to your  style  fancy staler  like the  sitara and   motifs work  can wear by you  but if you have  round face then never wear such  style hijab  because it can show you more round.

Colored abaya:

5. lace style abaya and hijab for girls

Brown color abaya is also very trendy among the girls  because they want the chic and stylish things  for carry  in their  daily routine  open style brown abaya with the  bottom and  bell bottom sleeves are embellished with the   white chiffon stuff lace  with  staler can be carry it but  you can also  wear the  chiffon simple duppata  in the style of hijab .

Double layer:

6. lace style abaya and hijab for girls

Double stuff abaya is trendy and beautiful in the bottom  silk fabric and on the upper   lace  stuff is  used it means it is totally  made of lace  and   the wide lace  is on the sleeves with it you can carry the  turban style hijab because there are so many hijabs that are trendy and   give you a charming look   with  the  stylish abaya  and hijab. It is the collection of well known designer Dolce and Gabbana.

Pink color abaya:

7. lace style abaya and hijab for girls

Light pink color open  double layer abaya   with the shittle  lace   black with the light color is looking cool  the use of dori  is  good for tie it and with this abaya you can carry the dark  color lining abaya  it is something like the  gown   for more elegancy you can wear the  black color georgette  hijab and the  silk stuff  staler .


when you are wearing  abaya then  it is good that  it should be  something  loose because in the tight abaya you body  is revealing and with the colorful abaya wear the  simple black color hijab and it is in so many  style like  Turkish , turban ,Moroccan and many more.


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