Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Latest Collection Of New Styles Gowns With Hijab And Scarf

new styles of abaya and hijab in 2017 (10)

Our beloved religion emphasis and orders us to cover our body with a big shawl or long loose dress before going out. So being Muslim women, it is our religious responsibility to cover the body and by doing this we feel comfort, ease and protection.

Almost all Muslim women cover their body with a long loose dress which we call abaya, burca or gown. In Arab countries, wearing abaya with veil is an obligation for women and it is considered as part of their norm. Long ago, there are no proper abayas and gowns to cover the body and women cover them with a big shawl and long loose dress but with the passage of time, various designs have started to design proper abayas and gowns.

Now different styles of abayas are easily available in the market and anyone can purchase it according to the choice. Here we are presenting the collection of new styles of abayas in different colors.
Abayas are designed in different kinds of fabric in different colors and styles.

Because the girls of this modern age want to look stylish along with cover the body so this post is especially for those modern and stylish girls who always want to look stylish and trendy even by wearing a gown too.  In this collection, you will find abayas for casual, formal and party wear also.
Light grey color self printed abaya is stitched with fitted long sleeves and paired with plain white scarf, a thin leather belt is used for fitting looking nice and perfect for college/university going girls.

This sea green color abaya is a perfect party wear, because it is decorated with same color sequins embroidery. A silk belt in same sea green color is set with this abaya if you want to add more style and elegance then use a fancy belt and fancy scarf with this.
Floor length black abaya is designed in jersey stuff in pleated style, checked wool scarf is wrapped around the neck and light pink color jersey stuff scarf is used to cover the head and girl wore a bag in cross body style in pink color match to the scarf looking stylish.

This look is ideal for young girls, opt this style for your college and you can use other accessories like wrist watch and bracelet in same matching color to your scarf and bag.
Blue color abaya is tailored in fit and flare frock style with waist belt in the stuff of silk satin. Long sleeves are also stitched in the same style.

If you are going to attend a formal party then this is perfect for you, wear this blue color abaya with same color silk scarf and a silver color statement necklace. This red abaya is also perfect for a formal party, tailored in umbrella frock style.

Decent embroidery in beige color is done on the waistline to make this more beautiful and eye catching; same beige color scarf is wrapped around the head. Make your eyes beautiful with smoky makeup and wear red lip color on your lips match to the color of your beautiful abaya and use high heel pumps in beige color, match to the embroidery and scarf.

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