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Matching Hijab And Abaya Collection For Ladies

Matching hijab and belt included in abaya (2)

We all know that hijab and abaya are considered as two main segments which are popular as well as holds utmost importance in Islamic world. Hijab is just a piece of scarf which is carried by Muslim women on head to cover their hairs from sight of men.

It is also sign of modesty of ladies as well. hijab is merely taken with abaya which is long upper wearing segment which covers whole body from shoulders to ankles. Some ladies like to wear socks and gloves to cover their hands and feet. Hijab and abaya collections are now at peak in fashion world.

Number of name worthy designers has come up with new styles in abaya along with variety of shades and artistic styles. Designers have also launched up hijab dresses collection for modern young ladies who like to wear hijab in their normal routine as well.

Our current collection is based upon matching hijab and abaya styles for young girls. Ladies are very much obsessed with matching stuff and we are conducting our hard to compliments looks for young girls who wear hijab and abaya. There are variety of shades and styles as well.

Take a look at our drafted ideas and we are so much glad to present our collection based on designs of simplicity and bright summer shades. Just take a look.

Visual aids:
Red lace matching hijab and abaya:


Vintage grey matching hijab and abaya:


Stylish abaya with matching hijab:


floral silk abaya with belt style:

4 Matching hijab and belt included in abaya (4)

Glamorous hijab style with stylish abaya:


denim abaya with hijab style ideas:

6 Matching hijab and belt included in abaya (3)

Magenta sequined abaya with hijab:


bright red hijab and abaya:


Sky blue simple abaya with hijab:


Traditional black simple hijab and abaya:

10 Matching hijab and belt included in abaya (1) Matching hijab and belt included in abaya (2)

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