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Modern Zipped Abaya Styles Collection with Hijab for Girls

5 winter abaya for girls

Well abaya has its significance for Muslim ladies as no one can deny the verses of Holy Quran in which it is addressed that, Muslim ladies must hide their appearance. So at first ladies covered their body with full long shawls but with the passage of time abayas were created for more sophistication and comfy. Now abayas have designed in many styles one of them we are going to present which is zipped abayas in different colors and styles. When there is a talk about abaya surely we cannot forget its pair of Hijab, yes now Hijab or scarves are styled with any abaya in fact if you are going to have simple plain abaya printed Hijab with various styles can make your abaya standout.
Zip abaya has many advantages as it is comfy for girls to just put the zip up and go out wearing Hijab while this is also helpful for breastfeeding ladies. Open front zip is generally an abaya contains but in my collection I will also give you idea of different use of zip in multiple styles on an abaya.
It is just simple to pair a Hijab with zipped abaya, you may take many design Hijab for a variety if you are a university going girl. Mostly Turkish styles Hijab are famous among girls that give extra ordinary sophistication to girls.
For a Muslim lady the abaya conceive much importance that is valued in the religion Islam. Now this wearing has entered into the trends and gals are much more interested to have style statement with wearing hijab and abaya so girls I am telling you that you must try zipped abaya due to the easiness and comfort this abaya style has. For extra information we have to move towards the collection that is just away from a click.

Black abaya with front open zip style:

1 black zipper abaya

The one style in zip abaya is front open style that is easy to stitch and also easy to handle for a Muslim lady. The typical abayas that meet us in past times was in black color but it doesn’t mean this color has lost its importance in contemporary fashion in fact many designs and styles are made in black color abayas too. For winter days this color is best to get extra warm and coziness due to its power of absorbing heat.

Color blocking effect in zip abaya:

2 two tone abaya with zip

You have plenty of chances to experience different things even in abaya fashion like this one trend of color blocking you may insert to your abaya with front zip style that will divide the front side of abaya into two tones fabric. This is stylish and trendy for modern girls and that can carry for university or college. Simple Hijab in dull skin color has been paired by the model but you may bring floral pattern to the Hijab if you are going to make it in spring.

Cuff designing in zipper abaya:

3 stylish zip style abaya

A slight touch of embroidery on neckline and the buttons on cuffs will look amazing on zipper abaya but for extra designing you may match another color fabric for cuffs or for the neckline designing as you can see in the picture. If you want to have these for any party then make a pair of fancy scarves like printed silk scarf with intricate printing.

Dark colors zip abaya:

4 abaya with hijab

The stuff of abaya is basically according to the season but for color choicer you may experience your desiring scheme one of them is dark color scheme for young girls. But make sure if your abaya is in bold or dark colors then take start with light color Hijab but sometimes it happens that two dark color combinations looks gorgeous so it’s up to you.

Coat style zipper abayas for winter:

5 winter abaya for girls

Winter days are cool so to keep the body warm you are needed of having cozy stuff wearing in winter and for Muslim girls coat style abaya with zip is fantastic as it offers you comfy stuff moreover the pockets in which you keep your hands to save from the frosty winds. With coat style zip abayas always try printed Hijab in pastel colors.

Different zip style for black abaya:

5 winter abaya for girlsStill you have seen front open zip abayas but this time take a plunge with keeping the zip on shoulder to sleeves and on one side to give the style variety. Yet I have given these style abaya in black color but you may stitch this in other colors too. Dust gray, skin, ash grey, pink and other delicate color Hijab will go best with these abaya styles.

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