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Most Inspiring Designs of Black Abayas for Muslim Countries

2 abaya styles in turkey

Abayas for Muslim world:

Muslims are known due to their accentuate abaya wearing style it is most authentic wearing style of Muslim country and every Muslim girls knows it’s worth evidently. In all over the Muslim world, abaya is worn to express respective grace of Islamic lady. Abaya is save and just like a veil which hides the feminine exterior and gives excellent confidence to walk outside and to perform different activities.

Every Muslim country has its own trend and particular style to express the elegance of abaya. If you know about these abayas styles which are popular among the different countries then stay with us here we have noteworthy info in this regard and sharing some abaya designs which are exclusively worn in different Muslim countries. Every Muslim country has its own dressing sense and according to that particular wearing style abaya is stitched under different stitching concepts. Let’s discuss briefly distinctive wearing designs, embellishing patterns, exclusive expressions and intricate stitching visions of these fetching abayas which are terrifically popular among the Muslim countries.

Abaya in Pakistan:

1 pakistani style abaya

Pakistan is considered as center of Islam and Pakistani ladies are worn abayas whenever they go for outside as their religious obligation. Pakistani girls like simple stitched abayas which are embellished with embroideries, rhinestones and contras fabric designing. Black is most wanted hue to Pakistani girls simple stitching patterns are desired to wear. Embroideries embellishing touch is also prominent among the Pakistani black abaya designs.

Turkish abayas:

2 abaya styles in turkey
Turkish ladies are also worn abaya respectively. Their abayas designs are distinctive and individual due to their stylish stitching designing. Fit coat style, frock style and long open abaya is popular among Turkish girls. Turkish girls are like bright colored printed hijab to pair them with abayas therefore their abayas are free from extravagant embroideries f embellishing manifestations. Only buttons and stitching designing is used to create an impressive elegance.

Abaya is Dubai:

3 dubai style abayas for girls
Being a Muslim country Dubai is also famous for the trend of abayas. Dubai based abayas are greatly liked in other countries as well. Intricate stitching designs as kaftan, flare, frock and takchita designs abayas are prominent among the Dubai fashion country gentry. Dubai abayas are specially liked for formal evens. Their precious embellishing touches are also enormously noteworthy also. Dubai based abayas are considered most precious and well designed among the abaya of different Muslim countries.

Arabian abayas:

4 arabian abayas

Arabian girls are enormously trendy and fashion lovers that’s the reason their selection of abaya is tremendously exclusive and full of classy grace. Intricate stitching cuts, appealing embellishing visions and alluring wearing ideas are consumed in alluring expressions of Arabian abaya, people who perform religious activities in Arab (Hajj and Umra) like to bring exclusive designs of abaya for their near and dear ones. Arabian abayas are perfect to wear at formal events if you want to carry abaya at special celebrating occasion.

Moroccan style abaya:

5 moroccan style abayas for girls

In morocco abaya is worn in gown style pattern. A srcial wearing style which is popular as takchita is consumed for abaya designing. Takchita is gown style luxurious wearing idea which makes a feminine appearance full of classy grace. Moroccan girls are worn kaftan, takchita and intricate designed abaya to accentuate their amazing wearing style. In many other countries Moroccan abaya is worn to deal with formal wedding events.

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