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Pakistani Famous Actresses Who Spotted Hijab in Their Life

9. Pakistani Actresses in Hijab

Hijab is the protector and shield of a lady when she goes out and survives among the company of men.  Besides of engraving Hijab as a trend, it has worth significant in Muslimahs life as the religion Islam asks to ladies to cover their bodies completely. Commonly girls like to wear Hijab to maintain the moderate appearance so that the hues may not get much bold. As the Hijab trend has increased not only common women but Pakistani actresses have also made the Hijab a go in their lives. Some actresses have permanently spotted this wearing as the compulsory need in their religion while the other have spotted this as fashion or need according to their characters in drama.
I would first like to mention the names of those actresses who have worn Hijab and give up the bold dresses; in fact some of them completely say good bye to showbiz and any such kinda activity. These are:

•    Arooj Nasir
•    Nargis
•    Sadia Imam
•    Sataesh Khan
•    Veena Malik

Nargis, Sataesh Khan and Veena Malik have left showbiz and started wearing Hijab and veil. Sataesh khan in this regard is worthy who have declared that she felt that this path is not right that is why she get closed to religion Islam and attending different Islamic classes.

Nargis held a conference and starred in wearing Hijab while her declaration of shaming on all past deeds and the manifestation of real Islamic life was a debut in film industry, we even appreciate her effort and also the Hijab. Besides Nargis Veena Malik also wears Hijab even on daily basis, she has given up all the bad activities regarding showbiz and get busy in her happy married life.

Like these actresses some other drama actresses also wear Hijab, Maya Ali and Sunbul Iqbal have got much appreciation because of wearing amazing style Hijab in their famous dramas.  Well here we go to see all of the images in which different actresses have worn the Hijab wondrously in their normal life.

•    Arooj Nasir wearing the stylish Hijab

1. Pakistani Actresses in Hijab

•    Nargis in Hijab when talking about her Hijab in conference

2. Pakistani Actresses in Hijab

•    Sunbul Iqbal Hijab style and innocent look

3+ Pakistani Actresses in Hijab

•    Arij Fatima style of Hijab is looking fantastic

4+ Pakistani Actresses in Hijab

•    Sadia Imam wears Hijab after her marriage

5. Pakistani Actresses in Hijab

•    Actress and model Amna in Hijab

6. Pakistani Actresses in Hijab

•    Beautiful model Sataesh Khan in Hijab and abaya

7. Pakistani Actresses in Hijab

•    Sana Askari has worn Hijab in her drama

8. Pakistani Actresses in Hijab

•     Jaweria Abbasi elegant Hijab style

9. Pakistani Actresses in Hijab

•    Veena Malik spotted Hijab and abaya after marriage

10. Pakistani Actresses in Hijab

•    Neelum Munir likes to wear Hijab in her life

11. Pakistani Actresses in Hijab

•    Sanam Saeed wore Hijab for her famous drama

12. Pakistani Actresses in Hijab


Well the trend of Hijab among Pakistani actresses is really a good thing because ladies get inspiration mostly from these actresses. So the covering up campaign with Hijab will be right through our actresses and set up a religious line for common girls.

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