Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Stylish and Trendy Abayas for Women


Old were the days when women wore abayas for the purpose to hide them but now in present times a very short number of women wear abayas to cover their body but the majority of women found in abayas are just following the trend. Abayas have become fashion among ladies and different styles of abayas have been introduced. Even designers are trying to bring innovation in this trend.

And it is the beautiful development in this art of designing abayas that t is captivating every one’ attention. Now women who are not very spiritual they are wearing abayas to look modern. But the girls who have to keep their body cover whether it is in fashion or not, these new designing abayas are also good news for them. Now they can look traditional as well as modern. Women can make their presence charming even in abayas.

The most desirable abayas are found in Dubai and women like to wear abayas of that country as they are embroiled very elegantly on very comfortable fabric. Abayas are found in different colors but still some women prefer black color abayas. And they want to embellish that with different accessories like brooches. Brooches are also available in various styles that can be fastened to abayas and it looks very nice.


Abayas with embroidery work look very nice and decent. Mostly women pair their abayas with different color scarf and strollers. The combinations of abayas with different color strollers enhance the charm of women wearing abayas.

At present days butterfly abayas are very much in demand and they increase the elegance of women. These abayas cover the whole body and it is stitched in loose form. Thus it fulfills the purpose of abayas by hiding the body and it also looks very fascinating. With these abayas women can wear hijab in various manners. Every person became frustrated with same thing, same style and same fashion and everybody need change with the passage of time. In fashion it becomes compulsory to bring newness.

Now it is the good news for ladies that they can keep on changing in their styles for the sake of versatility.
Different thread work abayas, mirror work abayas, stone embroiled abayas and lace abayas are accessible and all of them have their own their grace. Their stitching way can be different from one to other.

Even these abayas are available in different stuffs like chiffon, silk and Arabic lawn. In summer different fabric is used from winter as in summer open front abayas look nicer and in winter chiffon and leather abayas would be preferable.


Besides fabric and stitching pattern the designing on clothe set the tone for an exotic or rich look. After intrigue embroidery with the embellishment of beads and stones on it make the abayas look attractive and nice-looking. Black or blue color abayas with silver color embroidery and stone work look very elegant and stylish.

Then black abayas with golden embroidery decorated with beads and button look very graceful. There is also simple abayas category but if simple abayas would just decorate with motifs and lace then it will look more stylish. The laces can be adorned on boarder or cuffs of the sleeves. Some abayas decorated with embroidery on the neck line give an aesthetic look.

Some girls wore different jewellery with abayas but the jewellery will look nice if the abayas are simple. Then you can wear black color shoes with high heels to make your walk look beautiful. Thus different styles are available to women and it is up to them what they chose.

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