Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Top 7 Combinations Of Hijab And Abaya


Hijab and abaya are considered of immense importance in life of Muslim lady. It is important for her to cover her modesty with hijab and abaya. She just covers out her head and hairs from sight of men from hijab. For body Muslim women wear abaya which is outer wear garment and is worn out to cover body from neck to ankles of feet. There are also very amazing benefits of wearing hijab and abaya. Some of reasons are discussed below briefly.

Hijab saves hair from sun damage:

Hijab can be worn out in different style but function of hijab remains the same. It does not only cover hairs but also scalp and hairs to be protected from sun. Sun can damage roots of your hair and thus cause hair fall which may lead to baldness.

Abaya saves body from sun damage:

Abaya is outer layering. It means that women wear abaya over her clothing. In cold winter season abaya is perfect to prevent cold. In summer, you may feel heat but your body will be protected as abaya does not allow sun rays to pass it toward your body.

Hijab is all about modesty:

You have noticed that men pass out vague comments on women while passing through. But women who like to wear hijab don’t go through this kind of situation because men show respect to girls who wear hijab.

You feel safe in abaya:

When you are wearing abaya, you don’t have to think about little awkward this like your clothes are not pressed properly, your shirt is not maintained from sides or wind might hit your shirt in upward direction while making you embarrassed. You feel safe from all direction in all manners.

Trendy and stylish:

Well you know that hijab and abaya fashion have just taken the entire world into its hands as everyone is eagerly waiting for new collection of hijab and abaya. This trend is now goes on and we don’t know where it will stop.

We are also contributing in hijab and abaya trend and for that reason, we have also drafted out some of hijab and abaya designs. Specialty of elected designs is hidden in combination of hijab and abaya which connects through matching abilities of abaya`s belt and hijab. Just take a look.

Visual aids:
Grey hijab with maroon abaya:


Beige hijab with blue abaya:


Black and white beautiful hijab and abaya:


Maroon holographic hijab with maroon abaya:


Luxury party wear hijab and abaya:


Red and white hijab and abaya:


Pink abaya with leopard print hijab and belt:


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