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Trendy Colors And shades For Abaya And Hijab

abaya with hijab in new shades (7)

In Islam a woman is bound to wear abaya to cover her adornment and to take Hijab in order to cover her head. But as the women have become very conscious about their dressing they want to follow the rules of their religion without sacrificing their style-statement look.

Wearing stylish abayas and Hijab women inspire other women and girls of small age and the other women who were not doing Hijab they are also now feeling attraction in abaya and Hijab. Always going everywhere with same style of abaya give you monotonous look that can make you feel bore and also the viewers.

To bring change with every season and with the upcoming trend give you refreshing and stimulating look. For the selection of abaya not only the style but colors also count a lot. Here we will show you new shades of colors that you can opt for abaya:

Navy blue color abaya with blue and green Hijab:

1. abaya with hijab in new shades (4)

Although the color is dark but it is looking very elegant and sophisticated. This abaya is made stylish with a sash around the waist that is looking complementary with its silver color. Silver shoes and sash are making the navy blue color more glorious.

The Hijab with navy blue, green and skin colors is looking very chic and fabulous. This abaya with Hijab is great option for those girls who want to have an abaya that is not embellished a lot with stones or any kind of shimmery work. Young girls in this abaya will give very decent and civilized look.

Dark gray blue color abaya with light grey Hijab:

2. abaya with hijab in new shades (6)

Don this a-line abaya with dark grey blue color and have mesmerizing look. The contrasted colors of the abaya and Hijab are going very nice and it is the shades of grey color that is making this attire captivating and attention-grabbing. Light grey color code shoes will look outclass with this abaya.

For every formal and informal event you can wear this abaya. Instead of going to showy and shiny colors choose this nice-looking color and give a glowing look to your personality.

Black abaya embellished with green lace:

3. abaya with hijab in new shades (15)

This black color abaya is great for aged women who desire to look respectable and aristocratic. This abaya will lend regal look to women making them look elegant and graceful. Over coat style of abaya is embellished with beautifully designed lace that is also used to décor the abaya.

Women of high post can go to attend a formal function in this abaya. Also the Arabians can wear this abaya to have style-statement look. If you are looking for abaya that looks simple but can make your personality reputable then must opt for this abaya.

Navy blue color abaya with grey color hijab:

4. abaya with hijab in new shades (5)

The fabulous color of the abaya will make you ditch all other options and will do wonders for you. You will look ravishing and striking in this abaya. Beautiful shiny fabric in navy blue color is use for making the abaya and with belted waist and pleated neckline.

Grey color Hijab is going perfect to wear with the abaya. Mirror work on sleeves and on waist is increasing the charm of the abaya. A patch of navy blue color on grey color Hijab is looking wonderful and astonishing. Light grey color umps will make your look complete and with this abaya you will make other women mesmerize and enthrall.


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