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Versatile Abayas With Hijab Collection


In eastern countries especially in Pakistan women do hijab and wear abaya. In old times the reason to wear abaya was to hide and cover the body but now somewhere it has lost its significance. Now girls wear abaya just for the sake of look trendy since abayas are in trend now days. But whatever the reason is a woman in abaya with suitable hijab really looks very modest.

Previously abayas were in loose fitting but now fitted abayas are seen mostly. The whole grace of abayas depends upon hijab you take with the abayas without which the abayas look incomplete. The matching of abayas with hijab is very important as both should look complementing each other.

Different designs of abayas;

Just like the previous times abayas are not only found in black colors but they are also available in colors like white, blue, royal blue and brown colors. These are also found with the contrast of two colors. The combination of brown and black looks nice. In the picture a black color abaya is looking very nice and the design pattern on it is looking very elegant. The two colors brown and black are looking fabulous. This abaya is good and perfect example of simple and stylish abayas. The hijab over it is also with these two contrasted colors. This is looking perfect for the winter season.

Simple abayas with motifs;


Too bright colors for abayas will not look good upon you. You must opt for dark and calm colors. You can wear purple and white color abayas if you want to look different from the others. A white color abayas decorated with different white color motifs look very graceful and nice. In the picture a very nice-looking abaya has shown. The motif on front side is looking very appealing. A very intrigue designing is done on the whole fabric and further it is embellished with beads and pearls. Then a chain on the forehead is adding to the grace of the whole appearance.

Abayas in unique styles;


Abayas can be stitched in unique style. To steer away from the common trend, abayas can be stitched in frock form. A silk and chiffon abaya with long hemline and a belt tied around the waist looks very modish and stylish. Then the hijab wrapped around the face making multiple layers of the hijab looks awesome. This is not usual in Pakistan but looks very nice.

Crochet flair abayas and gowns with hijab;


Crochet flair abayas give very nice look to women. Women accentuate feminism wearing these abayas. They make a big updo and then drab hijab over it. Abaya gowns also look very elegant and graceful. Abaya in leopard print also look very stunning and striking. Gown abayas give regal look to the women. They also enhance the charm of women.

Net lace abayas with hijab;


The most common abayas are black color abayas adorned with net lace on hemline and on cough of sleeves looks very simple and modish. In the picture black color abaya with lace boarder is looking very chic and stylish. With this abaya white dotted scarf is looking very perfect. These abayas with simple hijab is mostly liked by school going girls or working ladies who do not want them to look prominent in their institutions.

Other tools with abaya and hijab;

High ankle shoes look magnificent when paired with abaya. Heels maintain the length and large volume hem line of the abaya. Now girls are also wearing jewelry with abayas to look graceful. You can wear rings and a bracelet with it. A brooch that is used to fasten the scarf also looks very lovely.

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