Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

A New Collection of Printed Abayas for 2017

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No one would ever think that abayas which are considered a costume to cover fancy dresses can become a trend in stylish designs. But this is good for women who do not want to sacrifice their style statement look when they go outside. Your appearance must look nice and elegant when you are covered in abaya. Now you would not like to go in simple black abaya that will look out-dated but the introduction of new styles and designs will force to have more than alone abaya in your wardrobe.

And with the change of season you would like to see the change in stuff, color and design of your abaya. Apart from embellished abayas with embroidery work or stone work consider these printed abayas we are going to show here. These printed abayas will give you sober and decent look. Colorful prints on abaya are looking very pleasing with designing that is simple yet stylish.

Tea pink abaya in velvet fabric:

1. printed unique abaya new collection 2017 (1)

This tea pink abaya will make you feel good with its pleasant color that is looking very soothing to eyes and fabric is looking very graceful. Black color sleeves with floral print are making the abaya fabulous. This maxi style abaya is looking very trendy, chic and stylish. Black chiffon stroller or hijab with abaya is making outstanding pair and wear a black color high heel pumps to make your appearance classy and edgy.

Light purple printed maxi abaya:

2. printed unique abaya new collection 2017 (10)

Light purple floral prints are looking amazing in gown style abaya and girls will love to wear this abaya for wonderful look. The color will exude nice vibes and on silk fabric it will look more amazing. A golden sash around the waist and golden wrist watch will give you very modish look. Light cream color Hijab will make a nice pair with the abaya. Have a splendid look in this amazing abaya to make your personality eye-catching and nice-looking.

Black and white color abaya:

3. black abaya style with hijab

School and college going girls can have simple yet stylish look in this black and white abaya. In winter season these colors would look fantastic and girls who are of somber soul would like this print. The women who want to wear abaya with stylish look but not too embellished or lavished with beads or anything that look attractive, they can go with this abaya. Small girls can wear this abaya and to complement the abaya wear black shoes with this. Pointed black color shoes and black stroller or Hijab will look perfect with this abaya.

Sky blue color Lehenga with different shades in abaya:

4. printed unique abaya new collection 2017 (2)

Pentagon designing pattern is made on the abaya and different colorful shades including sky blue color as the main color will inspire you a lot with the shine that the silk fabric will lend to the abaya. This pentagon style printed abaya will make give you lively look paired with faint green color. You can embellish your Hijab with brooches or pins that are going trendy these days.

Off-white abaya with floral print:

5. 2016-Limited-Promotion-Adult-Fashion-font-b-printed-b-font-flower-font-b-Abaya-b-font

For spring season this abaya is going to amuse you a lot with its fine look and floral designing printed on it is looking very cute and lovely. In summer you can opt for this style and design of the abaya to exude cool effect to surrounding. Net fabricated off white color Hijab is looking very nice with the Hijab and off white color high heel pumps or sandals would look nice to finish off your look. Maxi style of the abaya will make you trendy and the hues and design pattern will give out fresh and bright look.

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