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Abaya That Can Carry in The Evening Parties In Long sleeves

4. Long Sleeved abaya you can wear as an evening dress

Abaya is the good outfit for the ladies because in the abaya you can hide your body from the unfamiliar persons  and abaya is not carried only in the Muslim countries rather the all countries ladies carry the abaya  for their protection  abaya is best thing for your protection .with your abaya you can carry the scarf , Hijab and staler for the great look because  it is the religious obligation of the ladies to  cover your head and body  the ladies who are something lazy and don’t want to change their dress they can carry the abaya  and go to outside .

in the abaya the black color was common in the starting time but now  all the colors are  used  by the people it is in the dark and light all shades because the girls want to carry the colorful dresses in their routine .long ,pleated, frilled, kaftan, butterfly , a-line and many other  abayas are carry  by the girl because they are very conscious about the new style and trend  of everything  so the long abaya  in the  maxi style is here you can carry it in your evening parties because the abayas are very  fancy with long sleeves.

Purple color long dress:

1. Long Sleeved abaya you can wear as an evening dress

Silk stuff floor length abaya is looking very nice ruffle style bodice and the pleated bottom in the silk style with the bell bottom sleeves on the center of the abaya the glittered lace is used  you can carry it in the evening  with the silk scarf  you have no need to carry any other dress  with this long sleeves abaya because that is in the formal stuff  in this style abaya you can carry any color  abaya because all the shades are common in the fashion.

Tea pink color abaya:

2. Long Sleeved abaya you can wear as an evening dress

Pink color is very beautiful and nice color it is carried in different shades  and  stuffs  flor length abaya in the net and silk stuff  thread embroidery is on the neckline and the border  on the bodice and the collar the embroidery is looking nice on the wedding you can carry this abaya because it is in the formal style with the silk and the chiffon stuff wear  it when you are carrying this abaya then you have no need to go with the fancy  Hijab because the abaya is fancy and embellished.

Royal blue shade abaya:

3. Long Sleeved abaya you can wear as an evening dress

Royal blue color silk and lace abaya is looking outstanding because blue with black is great choice  floor length silk abaya with the bodice is embellished with the  lace the sleeves are also embellished with lace you can carry the black color net   scarf  for showing the good appearance  at the place of black scarf you  can carry the same color Hijab  with it because same with same  give you gown with the veil  style look .

Plum with skin shaded:

4. Long Sleeved abaya you can wear as an evening dress

Plum color is very nice color  with the skin color  silk bottom in the plum color and the bodice is in the skin  color  floral glittered bodice is looking outstanding  you can carry it in the  daily routine  the sparkling lace  on the center of the abaya with it you can carry the golden color Hijab for covering your head  full fitted long sleeves are looking nice  in the wedding you have no need to carry special dress rather you can go with this two shaded abaya and the Hijab.

Blue fancy abaya:

5. Long Sleeved abaya you can wear as an evening dress

Skin and golden shaded lower of the abaya highly embellished  with the blue embroidery and the shimmered on it  the full fitted sleeves are fully embellished with the embroidery  with the blue and skin color abaya you can use the hijab and the staler for covering your head  that can be carried in the floral and the lining pattern both  because the abaya is very formal with this abaya you have no need to carry any fancy dress.

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