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Abayas and The Concept of Behind Wearing it

0 The concept behind abaya

0 The concept behind abaya

Abaya and its concept:

Abaya is not just if religious outfit code rather it is cultural identification for Muslim girls. Being a great religious symbol, it is also exact depiction of Muslim culture. Abaya is worn hundred times ago in Arabian Peninsula, it was period before Islam. Later it was associated with religious references and carried for modesty. A lady who carried abaya doesn’t need to tell about her cultural background. Through wearing abaya she earlier disclosed about her belonging. In over Muslim world, ladies are carried abaya to define their respective grace. A Muslim lady who is living in European country is also prefers abaya to indicate her background.

A great friend:

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I considered abaya as a great friend of every Muslim lady; it provides a shy and restricted Muslim lady confidence to tackle her social activities. Generally abaya is considered as religious outfit because it co covers the body. It covers a Muslim lady and gives her confidence that she is looking graceful and there is no reveal regarding her physical shape. With abaya, hijab is essential outfits. Where abaya covers the body, hijab covers the head and produces a decent expression of modesty. Coverage of all body parts provides a Muslim lady great relief to perform her activities without any hesitation. Abaya is matchless and apt garment for Muslim girls to tackle their professional and social activities with excellent confidence.

Black color for abaya:

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For abaya, black is most appropriate choice. In most of countries black colored abayas are considered best for abayas. Behind the selection of black color, there is certain reason which is also associated with privacy. Black hardly allows any kind of revel. It cover all which is inside the abaya even color of tour outfit also hide in black color abaya. That’s why black is most wanted hue fore abaya. In contemporary age many other colors are also introduced to define the elegance of abaya but still ladies are preferred black due to its aptness and classy grace.

Abaya converted into fashion cloth:

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In present age abaya is not only a religious garment but has been fashion demonstrations of a culture. Now ladies are worn close fitted abayas with various designing patterns which defined hardly any religious definition. Abaya convert into fashion cloth especially in most of Arabian countries. Dubai based abayas are consider luxurious in all over the world. Latest stitching trend have been infused in basic type of abaya to explore latest styles. Instead of black other inspiring shades are also become crush of Muslim fashionista. Current design fashion abaya can be cultural indication but these have hardly any religious expression.

Stitching patterns of abaya:

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In historic era, abaya was just a simple gown style garment which has been turned into Muslim’s most luxurious wearing style. Abaya’s journey started from simple gown but now turned into various exclusive styles. Intricate stitching patterns, decent embellishing touches and elegant wearing styles have made abaya purely deluxe clothe. Elite Muslim ladies love to carry luxurious abayas, there is long list of abaya’ wearing styles and other designing demonstrations which a made abaya trendiest and perfect according to the attest fashion trends. Latest designs of abaya are not only covers Muslim ladies but also provide them fashion elegance.

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