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Amazing Black Abaya Collection in Black Color for 2016

1 Latest collection of abaya in black color 2016-2017

Black abaya collection:

In present age abaya is worn by modern girls in almost every hue but I must say that abaya as its classy grace in black. Black is most apt and traditional trend to wear an abaya. Ladies have tremendous inclination towards black colored fascinating abaya. Abaya is fabulous Islamic outfit which has superbly respective elegance and matchless grace to define a Muslim identity. A Muslim lady either living in Muslim country or western she must carried abayas for her outgoing appearance and for abaya, black is prior and most popular choice of classy ladies.

Talking in this regard here we are sharing some most recent and fantastic designs I black abayas. These black abayas which we are sharing are enormously fascinating I their expressions. From latest stitching concepts, embellishing patterns and different wearing styles, these fabulous black colored abayas are beautified. For mode Muslim girls, these terrific designed black abayas are tremendous selection to define their classy grace in most fantastically. Change your look through these stunning designed adorable black abayas which are just terrific to attain an inspiring grace. Latest concepts of fabric designing, embroidered touches and intricate stitching cuts are collectively increasing exciting elegance of these marvelous black colored inspiring abayas. Let’s discuss splendid magnificence of these immaculate designed abayas which are just terrific to deal with classy Islamic appearance.

Pleated A-liner abaya:

1 Latest collection of abaya in black color 2016-2017

Terrific designed plain long sleeve abaya is fabulously bedecked with pleated elegance. Idea of compact stitching of this abaya is just amazing. Idea of pairing this superb A-line abaya with golden belt and golden embroidered black scarf is just amazing to add formal. Grace in this fetching abaya.

Appliqué designed fetching open abaya:

2 Latest collection of abaya in black color 2016-2017 (1)
For young Muslim diva, festive floral appliqué embellished abaya is shared her. Black velvet floral appliqué and classy open style are collectively creating an inspiring grace of terrific abaya which is perfectly amazing to tackle a stylish Muslim personality in most elegant way.

Kaftan style abaya:

3 Latest collection of abaya in black color 2016-2017 (2)

Pure black kaftan style abaya is offered in this picture. This fabulous abaya is bedecked with black lace designing. Intricate stitching and decent embellishing vision of this abaya is tremendously fascinating. For young Muslim girls this adorable abaya is superbly amazing to look decent whenever the go for outside.

Sequin embellished fetching abaya:

4 Latest collection of abaya in black color 2016-2017 (3)
Intricate stitching, sequin embellishing vision and exclusive wearing style are collectively creating an outstanding abaya which is fabulous selection for newlywed Muslim girls. To define formal grace of married girls, this well designed abaya is just terrific. Its embellishing elegance is fabulously noteworthy and impressive.

Sophisticate black abaya:

5 Latest collection of abaya in black color 2016-2017 (4)

For decent working girls, I think this adorable black abaya is awesome choice to produce an inspiring magnificence. Fetching embroidery at neckline and sleeves are producing an inspiring elegance. Plain scarf and all plain straight style abaya are terrific to deal with tall personas.

Cute ribbon embellished abaya:

6 Latest collection of abaya in black color 2016-2017 (5)

Frill wrap style fascinating abaya is bedecked with decent contrast colored ribbon designing. Bow magnificence at front part and sleeves are increasing adorable grace of this abaya. For teen age and college going Muslim girls, this terrific abaya is just immaculate choice to look decent and sophisticate.

Pleated kaftan abaya:

7 collection of abaya in black color 2016-2017 (6)

Fabulous polka dot print fabric designing, pleated magnificence and fine stuff are collectively creating an inspiring abaya. This Dubai inspired abaya is immaculate choice to produce fine magnificence both at casual and semi formal happenings. Dubai is famous to design festive and intricate designed abayas.

High neckline embroidered abaya:

8 Latest collection of abaya in black color 2016-2017 (7)

Take a look of this simple abaya with fascinating machine embroidery, this elegant abaya is fabulously amazing in its expression and perfectly terrific for mature Muslim divas. For Pakistani girls, this black embroidered Anaya is perfect for look decent and inspiring. You can pair a same black or golden colored scarf with this fetching abaya.


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