Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Amazing Chiffon Abaya in Open Style:


Open Style Abaya Collection for Girls:

Abaya is the most common Muslim dress or article of dress worn by Muslim Ladies all over the world.  In this modern and trendy world many ionized and captivating designers work alot in the field of designing different and amazing abayas for the girls with the application of different stuff, different patterns and with the final touch of amazing blend of different colors. In the beginning the usually black color was used for the abayas, black was always the base color of abayas but now the trend has changed and lots of exciting styles are now available in abayas.  We copmletely know that the abaya is the real beauty and charm of a girl.

So here our current drafted presentation is affiliated with the display of amazing and exciting new styles of abbays in chiffon stuff with open abaya themes.  Basicallty this trend in the beginning was initiated from Arab. Chiffon abayas are the most beautiful and amaizng type of abbays it gives a beautiful flow.  Our presentation is based on amazing fabric alongwith suitable stitching. The open abaya looks stylish and trendy as well and also helpos to cover your body properly. These specifically elected designs are the real symbol of allurement and sophistication. The main classy feature of this collection is the amazing blend of artistic shades along with little bit adornment on it.

Beautiful Abaya in Purple Color:


Chiffon Open Abaya:


Fancy Open Abaya in Black Color:


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