Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Beautiful Stylish Muslim Girl in Abaya


Amazing abaya designs for Muslim girls

Abaya is considered as Muslim wearing which is probably taken by Muslim women to cover her body as well from sight of men. Abaya is outer wearing segment that is worn out over the normal clothing. Length of abaya lies from shoulders to foot as well. abaya is now being taken by ladies all over the world even for fashion sake as its current trend is probably highly ranked in fashion world. International designer and lots of name worthy fashion brands are involved in further modifying the concept of abaya for ladies and few of them succeed to. Currently, dolace and gabbana have also launched appealing range of abaya designs for ladies.
We have elected few abaya designs and ideas to be taken in vibrant form as liked by girls. Only designs doesn`t matter, wearing personalities ad carrying facts and figures also play dominant role in wearing a dress or fashion segment. For such reason we have drafted newest and highly trendy designs and styles ob abaya for young girls that will make them feel safe and fashionista too. Just take a look.

Modern Islamic abaya


Simple and stylish black abaya:


Blue and black abaya dress:



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