Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Black and White Stylish Abaya Most New Collection

3. Black and White Stylish Abaya most new collection

Exclusive abaya collection in black and white color

0. Black and White Stylish Abaya most new collection

In the Islam it is duty of women that they cover their body parts from the unknown persons  and all the Muslim women whether they live in the European and the eastern  countries they  prefer the abaya because it cover their body and in the outside it protect the bad eyes of the people  and under your abaya you can anything and  wear any casual dress you look  nice  and the abaya is  used for many terms and it has so much benefits  in abaya the feminine beauty is  hidden because  it is in Islam that  or “ tum apni orhniya  apny  sinho py daal lo or apna jisam numaya na krti phiro”  not expose your body part   intentionally  which can’t be hidden  you can  keep it open. Abaya is very comfortable   for the ladies in the hot season when you wear abaya and does veil then your skin remain save from the sunlight and in the winter you saves from the cold. When you wear abaya you can seems to be a respectable eyes that a   decent Muslim lady is going. The abaya became a fashion now and every lady wear it for two purpose one it is a fashion and other for covering the body  so many designer introduced their new style every season  and women carry it with different styles.  So if you are interested in the abaya and want to buy abaya then come with us and see the collection of abaya.


0+ Black and White Stylish Abaya most new collection

1.    Black white combination is very good and it is wearing in dressing black and white contrast is evergreen  but now a day’s different colors of abaya are in the trend black and white paisley embroided  printed abaya is looking nice with it you can carry black  simple chiffon  scarf with this white  abaya and it is best for the students .
1. Black and White Stylish Abaya most new collection

2.    Plain double shirt white abaya with the black strips kaftans is trendy now a day   because kaftans are carried for the formal dresses and in the abaya   kaftans look so nice it can be wear by the  oversized   ladies because it is so wide and  your body can be covered in this abaya  easily with it you can carries black chiffon staler  for the street style look.
2. Black and White Stylish Abaya most new collection

3.    Black and white   printed lining abaya is great vertical lining  double  layered  pleated open  abaya and block printed abaya  with riboned embellished  sleeves  with the black  georgette  scarf is great choice but you can go with  the printed  scarf’s  it is good for these ladies who like printed dresses and they  try to wear printed abaya like the dresses.
3. Black and White Stylish Abaya most new collection

4.    Black color kaftans style abaya is embellished with the white embroidery the neckline is fully embellished with the lace stuff and floral styles are made on the abaya it can be carried by   senior ladies also because   in the day time you can wear this abaya with white fancy scarf and turban hijab is good for you senior ladies.
4. Black and White Stylish Abaya most new collection

5.    Open style abaya with the fabric printed  and the sleeves are designed with the white fabric and with it you can wear red  chiffon staler because in this abaya a new style is created  and  for the college girls it is best. With this abaya you can carry high heel pointed pumps when you are going outside. With your staler use colorful pins because simple safety pins look odd now and trend of wearing everything new.
5. Black and White Stylish Abaya most new collection

6.    Printed black and white abaya is very trendy and it is latest the hemline and the abaya both sides are   designed with the black cloth and you can use the brooches and the pins  with the matching scarf’s now a day very fancy scarf are in the trend like  sitara,motifs and the beads are    used to make the scarf fancy and  embroided.
6. Black and White Stylish Abaya most new collection

7.    White open abaya with the belt and like the angrakha style with plain full sleeves is looking enchanting in the white and black combo abaya. With it rhinestone and crystal stone staler and   the fancy brooches will help you to make it formal it will give you a sophisticated look it is good for the working ladies and those who like to go outside.
7. Black and White Stylish Abaya most new collection

Personal suggestion:

wear abaya  both purpose as a fashion and as a duty but my dear  for the fashion purpose don’t  expose your body   and  with the abaya veil is compulsory because  eyes are such a thing which open a door in the other’s heart mean   some evil eyes can see your face  which is  not allowed in Islam  only an old lady can  live without  cover her body.

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