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Bring Some Colors to your Summer Look by Wearing cool Style Abayas

1. Abayas to Add Some Color to Your Summer Look

Historically the significance of abaya is clear as today but the diversity in every sphere of life, especially in fashion industry where the modes of lifestyle has changed according to the certain area. However in past the purpose of wearing an abaya is to fulfill the teaching of religion Islam that women must cover their body but at present, you will find it more trendy. Yet it’s nice to see that most of the Muslimah prefer to wear abaya while going out.
Well for winter you would find this wearing appropriate by having warm stuff and experiencing a lot of colors but for summer there is a big “NO” to complete black abaya, yet the trend of black abaya has lost its charm and girls like to try new colors but for summer I will tell you how can you add colors wearing even black abayas for your cool look. The one of bringing colors is to add the multi color or multi pattern Hijab which is the must-have for any Muslimah to wrap around the head and the other way is to have cool colors designing or patches to abaya.
Summer season demands light weight fabrics like chiffon and georgette but try to avoid jersey stuff that can make your body too warm and there would be chances of itching and allergy. Before going out take a cool bath and then carry your abaya so that you may look fresh with the cool colors of your draped abayas. Now I wanna showcase you some designs that are fit to carry in summer.

White abaya with ferozi embroidery:

1. Abayas to Add Some Color to Your Summer Look

If your abaya is all white but you want to create charm ion your look then have a little embroidery on the neckline not heavier but a light touch can transform the looks of abaya. Try to choose soft color as the girl is wearing in picture; pair the same color scarf that you have chosen for embroidery.

Some floral texture in summer abaya:

2. Abayas to Add Some Color to Your Summer Look

When you get bored of having plain color abayas then taste some cool and fresh patterns, I think there is no delicious print than the floral texture but don’t go with dark or harsh colors, opt for the pastel floral prints like pink, sky blue, beige, off white and purple.

Have style in black abaya:

3. Abayas to Add Some Color to Your Summer Look

Look in to the picture there is the less use of black but by adding other colors like front stitching style and the white printed full flair sleeves is presenting the subtle look. If you wanna go in any get together then opt for a stylish Hijab style like turban is very trendy now days.

Mixture of stripes and flowers in black abaya:

4. Abayas to Add Some Color to Your Summer Look

Ooze the style by merging stripy stuff at Hamline part, with which the all black and black appearance would be changed. But observe the floral border in which colors has made the abaya fresh. Go with floral print Hijab and have the colorful bag in hand.

Sky blue chiffon abaya for girls:

5. Abayas to Add Some Color to Your Summer Look

Well sky blue color is very refreshing but having the navy border to give the abaya style and also a new transformation. You may add the charm of bow on one side of abaya now it’s up to you whether the navy or sky blue.

Purple abaya with printed touch:

6. Abayas to Add Some Color to Your Summer Look

Purple is basically the all you need in summer but to make the appearance more charming add the printed layers on both side of abaya. Have brown beige Hijab or you can take fancy Hijab too if you have intention of attending any party, but accessorize your abaya with right footwear, bag and makeover.

Red abaya for party wear:

7. Abayas to Add Some Color to Your Summer Look

If you are thinking that red is not for summer then grow up, because for an evening party you may try the red abaya with black or other combination to have a change. Wear high heel shoes and the natural makeup to stun your friends.

Baggy abaya with cool style:

8. Abayas to Add Some Color to Your Summer Look

Get the colors from one sleeve to another that is gorgeous enough but to create the freshness, tuck the floral patches that is easily available at market. You can too attach with your hands just with the help of needle or with a sewing machine.


Don’t over go with the patterns and colors when you are going to have abaya for summer, keep it light and have wondrous look.

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