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Classy Abaya styles in Brown and Grey color for Ladies

6. Brown & Grey color abaya for ladies

When it talks about Islamic wearing, quickly abaya comes in our mind but hey ladies hang on a minute and think for a while, is the black color abayas all setup for Muslimahs? As seen normally the black abaya is mostly considered the standard color to choose but I must say, look forward and go ahead to try more colors in abaya that is trendy these days. I have today the brown and grey color codes in abayas with amazing styles that is cool to try in any season.
As you know the abaya dress is totally an Islamic draping but in this modern world both Asians and westerns are trying this Islamic aura, some for fulfilling the teachings of religion Islam and some to deal with the highly fashionable looks most of fashionistas want.
I remember when only the black color abayas were the true definition for ladies, there came brown and grey color codes first to add the chill in Islamic fashion and I just want to revive these color tones but in a stylish way presenting the trendy styles abayas.
Well it’s not fair enough to have abaya but not the right Hijab so I have managed the ideas in this post just to make your style statement wondrous by presenting different Hijab styles with abaya designs. You can also approach to the Hijab category on our website to pick up and to be updated that what are the latest styles of Hijab that are trendy, try to go with the hijabs that are according to your face shapes and also match the patterns with colors when pairing the brown and grey abayas. Get the images given below and take advantage to the handy ideas of styling these abayas:

Dark brown embroidered abaya:

1. Brown & Grey color abaya for ladies

Go with the dark brown abaya with shiny silk like fabric and skin gold embroidery on border and neckline, the simple abayas are elegant but if you get the tints of embroidery then it will be a wonderful thing to just transform the look at all. You can match the skin and also brown Hijab with it but try to take the plain scarves in sheer fabric.

Turkish belted abaya style:

2. Brown & Grey color abaya for ladies

Turkish abaya designs are the most popular to treat the choice delightfully, opt this gray abaya for winter days with warm stuff and the chic style of collard with belted design that is presenting the fashionable appearance rightly. Well it is sane enough to have the same color that belt has but there is much margin of colors to pair in Hijab with this Turkish abaya style.

Coat style brown abaya for girls:

3. Brown & Grey color abaya for ladies

Coat style abaya is the new variation of designers to introduce this variety abaya in Islamic wearing. For winter days this is perfect because the coat style abaya is made with the thick stuff so try this in the frosty winter days, pair the brown leather high heel booties and the silk Hijab to look awe-inspiringly beautiful.

Chic grey abaya for Muslimahs:

4. Brown & Grey color abaya for ladies

Well Muslimahs have to maintain even their street style look wearing the highly fashionable abaya styles so this style is just for modish girls that is roped and have flow of stuff. You can try this with jeans too as the front of abaya is open presenting the lustrous hues.

Sequined brown abaya:

5. Brown & Grey color abaya for ladies

To attain some formal hues, go with the sequined brown abaya that is creating the flawless look. Embroidered and sequined abaya trends is on its peak so you may try this as well when you have to go to the event where some glamorous appearance is very demanding.

Lace chiffon grey abaya with black Hijab:

6. Brown & Grey color abaya for ladies

Lace stuff is incredibly tremendous to try in dresses but when it is crafted in abaya styles then rock your image fantastically. With this grey lace chiffon abaya you can pair the black Hijab but if you wanna have this for summer season then consider the pastel color Hijab right like pink, white, skin and also coral.

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