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Different Ideas of Wearing Abaya in Stylish and Modern Style

Various ways of wearing abaya in modern style (11)

Well the importance of abaya and Hijab can truly recognize the Muslimahs, who wear this draping not only to cover up their body as it’s the teaching of religion Islam but ladies, would it be sufficient deal to have the abayas that also show your taste and choice according to modern era. Actually we are surviving in the world of fashion and trends and anyone can see the quick changes in this sphere, so a lady has to maintain her look just with the passage of time. The present age reflects the modernity and sophistication in Muslimahs fashion more that is why today my aim is to present here the chic collection of abaya and also some ways that you can try to make your abaya wearing style more stylish.
First, there is plenty of stylish abayas and Hijab in market you just have to take one piece and it’s just enough to be elegant but even then you may transform your wearing style into chic one attaining some styling techniques. Accessorizing abaya or having the different styles is also an exquisite way to be just like a fashionista and for western Muslimahs it becomes more important when they have to present the best street style looks. So, it’s your own choice too that makes any outfit or even abaya more elegant because I always say one thing ‘ it’s not the clothing but your style to carry confidently making a dress style more worthy’.
Now it’s time to take plunge to get different ideas for making your abaya just modern and awesome, here we go ladies.

1.    Accessorizing abaya is trendy

1. Brown abaya for girls

To look more advance and mode I wanna give you idea of accessorizing your even the simplest abaya too. Wear the printed one and belt it with the matching color and if it is maxi abaya style then superb. Take the Hijab and drape it with different style like dropping, wrapped and high pin up. Pick up the clutch and a watch in wrist to be cool and modish but if you wanna attain the more chic appearance then go with turban style Hijab which is matchless.

2.    Simple abaya with denim jacket:

2. Abaya with jacket

With simple abayas you may drape the denim jackets in fall season but keep in mind if the abaya is simple then take printed or textured Hijab, otherwise color combination will go well. Denim jacket will update your style and a true wearing while maintaining the collage look. Going outside or collage, take the highly fashionable goggles that will not only keep the style gorgeous but also helpful for protecting the beauty of eyes.

3.    Choose seasonal patterns and colors of abaya

3. Stylish abaya for spring

If you wanna stand in the true fashion hijabian the must update yourself for the current trends and colors of abaya that further help in making the style worthy. This abaya is for spring summer season with ferozi and white color combo. Floral pastern and the same textured umbrella picking up in hand are making the model beautiful.

4.    Significance of zipper abaya

Nowadays the zipper style abayas are becoming famous and girls are opting for it due to the high elegance as it is very easy to drape and also gives you the modern style. Wearing the high heel shoes and plain Hijab with zipper abaya is wondrous for modish girls but must pick up the fashionable handbag to be more glamorous.

5.    Sophisticate collard abaya with Hijab

5. Modern abaya and hijab

In Turkish abaya style the collard abayas are just more than wow but make your wearing fantastic having the shawl Hijab for the winter season. You may have cardigan too if the weather is too cold. Have the trendy bag in your hand and get the light makeover to be look like the awesome fashionista.


Be elegant whatever the style you are going to drape in abaya but make sure about accessories, don’t go wrong or over do the things as this is Islamic wearing that’s why the sophistication and elegance is more required to be classy and modest too.

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