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Different Style Abaya In Pink Color

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Abaya is included in the dresses of the Muslims because it is religious obligation to cover your body especially feminine part from the unknown males’.

When abaya was introduced among the ladies that was only in the black color and only in the button down but now many style and the color are common in the abaya that are very unique and trendy.

Abaya is not carried by the Muslims ladies rather it is wore by  many western ladies because abaya is not used only for  hidden the body rather it is adopted as a fashion the  people who are going outside and don’t have time to change their dresses they  can wear the abaya  with the scarf.

In the scarf too much colors stuff and the varieties are  inn in the market which  give you chic look . Pink color abayas are here that are looking so beautiful and attractive because pink is not in one shade rather it is many dark and light shaded as just like baby pink, tea pink, shoking pink, coral pink, rose pink, hot pink and many other.

So if you want to wear the beautiful abayas in different style then connect with us and see the different styles and select any one for you.

Salmon color abaya:

1. Pink abaya design ideas for girls

In the pink the salmon color is also liked by many ladies the abaya is in the kaftan style double layer chiffon fabric neckline and the overall abaya is embellished with the pearls and the cut work floral thread embroidery is on the edges of the abaya in white color the back is also embellished with the thread mechanic work back key hole is looking nice with this abaya you can carry the same color Hijab and scarf for the gorgeous look.

Watermelon shade abaya:

2. Pink abaya design ideas for girls

Watermelon pink color is looking so nice  it is in the Moroccan style  floor length abaya the back is in the long trail style  on the bodice v neckline and the belt in golden color is used on the  center of the abaya the belt is made with the sitara and the beads in golden and silver shaded  with the beads  dropping  the bodice is pleated  and the back is long and in unique style with the same color scarf embellished with sitara lace  when you wear this dress then you have need to carry the fancy dress because in this dress your body is covered.

Rouge color simple abaya:

3. Pink abaya design ideas for girls

The pink color has outstanding shades   because many new colors are inn now  a days  so the rouge color umbrella style abaya is looking fabulous  full fitted sleeves and the center of the abaya is embellished with black ribbon in the wide  and the sleek  style  the sleeves are also  decorated with black ribbons  it is very simple and stylish the students of college and universities  can also select this abaya  with the simple Hijab and scarf with it black is good.

Turkish style pink abaya:

4. Pink abaya design ideas for girls

In the pink color many fabulous shades are used by the girls silk fabric fit and flare abaya with the long cut sleeves  the upper of the abaya  is embroidered in the  floral lace  the sleeves are in the great way it is in the Turkish style it is  in very simple  style  but looking fabulous  with it take the cap Hijab in the pink same color  with this abaya  carry high heel  pumps  and with this abaya take the  different color Hijab you have no need to wear the colorful dresses.

Floral maxi style:

5. Pink abaya design ideas for girls

In the abaya you can wear the floral maxi style abaya that is in the chiffon stuff  it is very attractive and  beautiful  in the spring and summer season this abaya is gorgeous  long floor length abaya  with the simple Hijab is looking dashing  the young girls and the  long height girls  can carry it  with the different hijabs you can select the lining scarf, block printed, floral and the   embroidered all are decent with this abaya.

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