Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Different style lace abaya in black for winter season


Abaya is the religious outfits for the ladies the religious ladies carry abaya for their protection and as a religious obligation .in the age of ignorance the people of the Makah were treated badly with the  ladies of that time the  murder, rape cases and the  buried the lively daughters etc were common that days but with the advent of Islam every concept will be changed  and then the  order of pardah and Hijab was  revealed through the Surah Noor .

The Hijab is made for the  safety and the cover the body of the ladies  because many quarrels  were due to the ladies. Now a days the abaya is very common and in many style in that only black were worn by ladies but now you can carry in all color and designs abaya is the identity of the Muslim ladies but now not only Muslim rather all the ladies of European and the Asian countries carry Abaya as a fashion now it become fashion more than a religious obligation.

With the passage of time people are changing the trend of abaya means so many styles and the colors according to the weather whenever in the previous ages one abaya is carried by ladies in every weather.

Butterfly abaya:


In the   winter if you want to carry the abaya according to the fashion then you can go with the butterfly abaya because it keeps you cover from the cold and cover your body also you can buy it from the market and in the home you can also stitch it because some ladies want to stitch it in the chiffon, some like to go with georgette and jarsi stuff is normally available in market. The lace embellishing is giving your abaya a nice touch.

Velvet floral abaya:


In the winter we love the warm things   and in the warm things we feel comfort so if you want to carry abaya in the winter then  front style open abaya is best  on the abaya the velvet flowers are looking so beautiful  on the front the velvet patch is used and the sleeves are embellished with the  velvet flowers you can carry it with the red velvet  scarf and the  red velvet pouch is in your hand you look very nice.

Frock style abaya:


In the abaya  hundreds and many  styles are  introduced by the fashion  designers  so ladies who are the fashion lover they follow their  fashion and ideas  so if you like then you can  select the abaya  which is in the frock style  chiffon stuff front is closed and on the bottom white lace is embellished  with bell bottom sleeves  you can carry it with the misri Hijab and  the Arabian Hijab both are good with this abaya.

Designer’s abaya:


Not only the ladies carry and  stitch the new style abaya  rather the western brands are introducing their abaya collection as just like Dolce and Gabbana ,beyanki ,  and many other  abayas are common so you can go with the beyanki abaya style in winter  the cream color lower part of the abaya  front is open with the grey shaded lace cardigan  on the abaya is making your   look fashionable.  You can carry the Turkish Hijab and the Arabic Hijab is good.

Grey with nude color:


You can contrast the dark shaded with the light  because it give you modern and protection atmosphere  so if you like to wear abaya in winter  then   carry the grey  maxi style abaya  from the bottom the grey  fabric is used with the  lace  work on the  bodice the  flower lace on the whole bodice with the  puffy sleeves  in the nude peach shade with the black scarf you can carry the Hijab in different style  and for the street style look this is best.


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