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new abaya embroidered with precious stones (3)

Abaya is a religious obligation for the Muslim ladies and if a Muslim woman does not wear abaya it means she is not practicing the rules and obligation and going against what Islam has asked her to do. For the safety of chastity and modesty a woman must wear abaya at the time of going outside.

Long ago abayas were available just in black color and tailored in simple button down styles but now like the dresses abayas are also designed in different colors and styles.

Abayas are going very trendy and the craze of abaya seems to be endless because ladies feel very relaxed and comfortable in abaya.

In this modern world, abaya is not used only for hidden the body rather it is adopted as a fashion and ladies who are going outside and don’t have time to change their dresses they wear stylish abaya with the scarf.

In some Arabic countries abaya is must to wear while in some countries it is optional and abaya is not carried by the Muslims ladies rather it is wore by many western ladies. Western ladies use abaya nit to hide the body but they wear it as a fashion and to look stylish.

Abayas are now being designed with belted waist or sash, mirror work, beautiful embroidery work, stone work and with net lace patches. If you want to buy a fancy style stone embellished abaya, stay connected with this post here in this collection a wide assortment of embroidered abaya with precious stones.

Opt for this shamooz silk fabricated black abaya designed in kaftan style with banned neckline and adorned with silver embroidery and precious stones work done on the ban neckline, around the neckline making a tie and on the edges of sleeves.

Black abaya is looking outclass with the genuine fabric, embroidery and stones that are making the attire shine. By wearing this abaya with bun hairstyle, party makeup, large ear hoops, finger rings and high heels you can add glamour to your look.

Chiffon fabricated black color abaya is looking fantastic with its style, tailored in butterfly style. Delicate stones work is making the abaya look modish and fashionable. In summer this abaya with its style and embellishment will give you awe-inspiring look.

This abaya is perfect for office going ladies and to wear this abaya instead of going outside in formal suiting is much more preferable and you will feel very secure and protected in this.

Abaya (1) Abaya (2) new abaya embroidered with precious stones (1) new abaya embroidered with precious stones (3)

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