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Gorgeous Open Style Abaya for the Perfect Summer Evening

6. open abaya Perfect for summer evenings

0. open abaya Perfect for summer evenings

Abaya is  the  compulsory thing for  a woman because it covers your body   and saves you from the bad eyes of the  unfamiliar person and in Islam  abaya is  a religious obligation  and whose woman neglect to put it   then she will be   must answered of her   sin because many quarrels are due to the   woman  because when  they  go outside without  hijab the unknown people see  you with bad eyes  then your husband ,

brother  and father feel  insulted  then they want to kill the other  so a Muslim woman should  in the veil because  it is    their duty now the trend of abaya is increasing day by day because people wear abaya   for the fashion  but  abaya is carried for  two  purpose  one is to  cover the body and the second is  for the fashion because  when you are at your home  you wear not much pressed and neat clothes  then you can carry the abaya  and go outside .

the  abaya is wear not in the   Islamic countries rather it is carried in many  western countries with the colorful  hijab and scarf. So in the summer mostly people want to go outside for walk and   visit in the parks and the other   places so if you want to  carry abaya in the summer then you should select the front open abaya because in the summer that looks good .

Silver grey abaya:

1. open abaya Perfect for summer evenings

Silver grey abaya with the intricate designing on the border  and the bell bottom sleeves  and in the  front of the sleeves and the  hemline the black patch is  stitched if you want to make  it  fancy then you can use  the velvet red color fabric patch it look so  colorful when you wear it with the black hijab  for the summer evening thus light color abbaya is good .

Double   layered abaya:

2. open abaya Perfect for summer evenings

Basically black abaya is traditional but with the changing of time and trend   the color of the abaya is also changed   so you can   go with any color abaya because it is up to your choice if you want to light color then light pink is best for this summer season under the pink color abaya   the neckline till the belly is black fabric and   upper layer is made with the chiffon light   pink fabric.

Arab swag abaya:

3. open abaya Perfect for summer evenings

The mud color with the Arab swag print abaya  is  very nice  it is front open and you can carry it  on any dress  it is in the kaftans style  mud color with the black  zigzag  lining is looking  nice  with this abaya you can carry the printed  blue color  scarf  and hijab  it  looks great when you carry  pointed high heel pumps  with the shoulder bag.

Black and skin contrasted:

4. open abaya Perfect for summer evenings

Black and skin are two decent color contrasts   but when the navy blue is added  then it look nice  if you are going in the party or any  wedding ceremony then you can carry  this abaya  the upper part is  made with the  light blue  color in the center the  touch of skin color  and on the bottom black color  fabric  is  used  for the formal wear this abaya is best and   superb. You can carry the organza   stuff   hijab with the fancy work and the shoulder bag matching with the abaya and your dress.

Front open jilbab abaya:

5. open abaya Perfect for summer evenings

Safari grey  color   jilbab style front open abaya  is nice choice in the summer the button down  abbaya is very decent and  simple  you can use the colorful button on the abaya it is up to you if you want to make your abaya  fancy and attractive then  you should must  use these buttons  and for the formal function on your  black  hijab you can use the  colorful fancy brooches  you can  carry the colorful floral printed hijab also  carry with this hijab  because it is also a light color abaya  then with it light hijab is best.

Overall black abaya:

6. open abaya Perfect for summer evenings

The ladies who follow the traditional  black abaya they can carry the black front open abaya  with  the triangular  shimmer motifs  bordered Arabic crystals  are looking nice  on the black simple abaya  with it  block printed camel  and nude color scarf  are good for wearing. The school and the universities students can carry it because it is not too much heavy.

Black with the red:

7. open abaya Perfect for summer evenings

Leather jacket on the upper red color fabric is in the center and the lower part is made up of the chiffon lace stuff with the fox fur sleeves on the leather pant and top this abaya is great selection you can carry chiffon staler and the turban hijab is good choice this style is good for those girls who like to go with the street style .

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