Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Hijab Girls Fashion of Blue Color Dubai Style Abaya for Girls

6. asailk abaya for ladies

1. Blue abaya for girls

Abaya has become the worldly sign of clothing as you can see in Arab countries in fact fashion of abaya in west has also raised its significance. In past times a black robe like wearing worn by Muslim women were all that we can say an abaya and for the purpose of not revealing the body was the true sense of wearing black abaya. But getting a broad view contemporarily we realize that abaya is now cultural or fashion significance more than a religious sign. Increasing the demand of having different style abaya but not the black at all, we have assorted a collection in blue color that signifies the cool impression and this color code is expressively right to drape in any season you want.
When it comes to style then Dubai style abayas are chic for any trendy or modern girl because Dubai style abayas are unique in their way handling the most fashionable hues that can make any girl prominent. These Dubai style abayas are in blue shades fit for both spring and summer but here are not only the abayas but also the Hijab ideas for girls that they can try simply at home.
At first when abayas were not entered into fashion sphere, the girls were not as passionate about this trend as today is. Now designers have considered this fashion important due to the demand of abayas that is why appropriately the abaya collections are now launched to delight the fashion sense of Hijab girls and to make your choice classy my collection is also here to launch some ideas of styling.

Blue abaya and printed Hijab style:

2. Royal blue muslim dress

Dubai style abaya that has simply styled with belt style and printed Hijab but if you are going to cinch the waist with belt then go with thin size belts mostly when if you have bulky belly. Try to take easy and proper patterns of prints you can see in the picture, simple and plain Hijab can also look fit but try different colors like aqua blue, grey, white and skin Hijab with blue abaya.

Blue abaya with stripy pattern designing:

3. Embroidered abaya design

Shimmery gold designing in stripes on border and sleeves of abaya is creating wow effects. This abaya has double flares having the open gown type shirt upon abaya; you can wear this when going to any party or event. Match skin silk Hijab with this abaya but don’t forget to wear sunglasses to know your fashion sense style.

Pleated abaya with golden embroidery:

5. Navy blue abaya style

Cuff sleeves and pleated abaya at front is a true match Dubai style abaya which is especially fit for thin girls. Floral hued golden embroidery on neckline and cuffs of sleeves has more enchanted the grace of abaya. Trendy style of inner head Hijab or cap style Hijab will look terrific and easy to wear.

Navy blue caftan abaya:

5. Stylish abaya for girls

We have added this navy blue to bring some variation in this collection, the navy blue really enchants the complexion of girls and when it is draped in Dubai style then become more elegant. Subtle embroidery expressions on abaya have made it something formal that you can try with skin Hijab. Carry a hand purse and wear goggles to stand your position amazingly.

Silk coat style Dubai abaya with colorful Hijab:

6. asailk abaya for ladies

Silk fabric is mostly crafted to design different abayas and this coat style abaya in blue is capturing the attention. If you make a pair of colorful pattern Hijab then your look will be totally changed. Wrap around Hijab style is perfect for both long and round face girls so own for this and be a sophisticate lady for all the time you have to spend going out.


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