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How to Look Pretty in Pink Abaya on the Upcoming Party?

5 pink flower print abaya

Versatile Range of Pink Party Wear Abayas for Girls:

Well! It’s true that pink is only for girls. In pink color, you can feel like girlish. What’s your opinion about pink abayas? I know, you are now totally sick off from the black abayas. Yes, it’s true that black color looks quite gorgeous but I think it’s enough now. You should try something new & pretty. That is of course “pink”. So, dear girls, on the upcoming party, you should wear pink abaya. Believe me you will look very cute & beautiful like a princess. No matter whether the party will going to be held at day time or night time, pink is the perfect color for you. No no, your skin tone also never matters, because you can find a variety of shades in pink such as pastel pink, neon pink, shocking pink, tea pink etc. The important point is the right selection of a shade of pink that ultimately adds compliment not only in your skin tone but also in your personality. The girls who think that their skin tone is fair then dear don’t worry all shades of pink are only for you because on bright skin tone pink always add a glow & radiant. The sheer pinks, bright pinks or super fuchsias pinks shades are best for you. So, you can choose any shade of pink without any kind of fear. On olive skin tone, the pink color adds a flatter. So, olive skin girls can also go with pink. Similarly, the darker skin tone girls should boost up their confidence level & they can also try bright pink abayas or pastel tones as well. Here, I bring some different shades, style & designs of pink abayas for you. Take a look & choose your favorite style now so that you can make a chic style statement into the party!

Pastel Pink Long Sleeve Abaya:

1 light pastel pink abaya for parties
Take a look at this pastel pink simplest long sleeve abaya! I love it due its simple look. Now days, you can look stunning even by following uncomplicated styles. Stay effortless & look decent like the model into the above picture. With pastel pink abaya, you can pair a dark plum color hijab. Yes, it will look stunning!

Neon Pink Abaya for Bold Look in Party:

2 neon pink party wear abaya for girls 2016 design
If you want to look bold & daring in abaya on tonight’s party then dear I am sure that this neon pink abaya is just perfect for you! What’s your opinion? Yes it is. Pair high heel black or silver footwear with it & add a matching neon pink hijab on your head plus try Smokey eye makeup with nude lips! Oho my god you will rock in the party!

Butterfly Style Tea Pink Abaya in Chiffon Stuff:

3 tea pink chiffon abaya for party

Try this effortless bohemian look, if you are invited on day time party! Wear a delicate chiffon stuff abaya that is stitched in butterfly style. For enhancing your boho look, I suggest you to try off white or light skin color hijab on your head in updo style as shown into the above picture.

Shocking Pink Embroidered Abaya in Kaftan Style:

4 shocking pink embroidered abaya in kaftan style
If you belong from an Arabian country then dear I know in your culture the royal style is of great value. So, if you are invited by an Arabian family on a party, then I suggest you to go in extravagant style abaya as shown above (into the picture). Embroidery always adds a regal touch & blown up your overall look!

Pink Flower Print Abaya for Decent Look:

5 pink flower print abaya
As we know that the summer is on its peak now days! So, this very simple yet chic pink flower print abaya is just perfect for feeling cool even in hot days of summer. I also love this one & I am thinking to add it into my wardrobe so that I can get natural & trouble-free look on parties in abayas!

Pink Abaya with Black Contrast for Islamic Parties:

6 pink party wear abaya with black touch
Into the above points I only talk about different shades of pink abayas but sometimes girls want to contrast some other colors with pink. So, in this case, I think the first priority should be black because it looks very gorgeous with pink. You can also think about white & pink contrast, purple & pink, blue & pink, grey & pink & similarly there are lots of colors around you that you can contrast with pink.

Modernly Stitched Mermaid Style Abaya:

7 stylish pink abaya design for high class parties

The style of stitching an abayas is of great importance. Some like body fit abayas while some women love loose fitting abayas. Here you can see the most recent & modern mermaid style pink abaya that can give a very fabulous & bold look to a lady. But I suggest you to choose a style that goes best with your body shape. Hopefully, you love today’s pink abaya collection for party!

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