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Latest Style Abaya Chic Collection for Girls 2016

5. Latest style abayas for girls

The abaya trend is totally from Arab countries, if we take a view at back of the time in past it was the teachings of religion Islam about veiling and hiding of body for Muslim women. The Muslim women had only their glance for the Mehram in which parents, brother and sister were included and that teaching are followed by Muslim ladies still at present.

To hide their selves in the robe like dress is the abaya best for their figure. Now every lady is so in love wearing the latest style abayas and how can we forget all the services of designers who have made the market value of abaya at its highest. Now the abaya wearing has also been added to the fashion scene due to its styling.

In past the embellishments were very few but nowadays with becoming trendy wearing so fantastic different types of motifs, embroideries, designing like pleats are gorgeous to have on abaya. We today have the chic but elegant latest style abayas which are no doubt a big deal for young and fashion girls to make their style exquisite.

This age is full of highly trendy abayas and you can’t deny the significance of abaya pair I mean the scarves and Hijab for girls. Nowadays different styles of Hijab are also a wonder to be tremendous; there are a lot of guides that can update you with the information of having the best suited Hijab style according to your face shape. Let’s come and have a closer view at the assortment of abayas to refill the charming style that girls can own for.

Over jacket style trendy abaya:

1. Latest style abayas for girls

At present, the robe like jacket style over layering abayas are getting popular and girls are having this to get the awesome style look. This red printed silk abaya would be a bash for young girls to try in winter or fall season. You match different color Hijab in red, black, sky blue, navy, skin gold and the grey chiffon scarves.

Geometric print gown like abaya:

2. Latest style abayas for girls

This geometric print abaya is highlighting the elegant designed print that is cool to try in any season; the gown like appearance is super cool. Sleeves are black while the rest of abaya has the beige features. You can match beige or black both color Hijab. Opt for branded handbag with geometric futures otherwise a classy black bag will be trendy option.

Caftan abaya style is must-have:

3. Latest style abayas for girls

Caftan abayas are a heavy delight for modern girls these days so we have added this natural beige shade abaya that have been styled with black scarf. The young girls can carry this for university with accessorizing it fantastically. Wear black pointy shoes and have a hand clutch to add the elegant accents.

Sheer paneled abaya style:

4. Latest style abayas for girls

Simply the sheer details of this navy blue abaya is worthy for girls to carry in a modern way. You can pair a lot of style and color Hijab styles in beige, skin, and grey, nude, pink, shocking and also coral peach. Paint your nails with striking color nail polish and wear the statement rings to make the appearance cool.

Maroon belted abaya:

5. Latest style abayas for girls

One more styling feature in abaya is the belt; you can cinch your wait by belting it beautifully. But for plus size girls it’s a suggestion to not match the sparkly waists as it will highlight the plus size figure, you can opt for the simple and elegant belts or chains.

Abaya with jacket style:

6. Latest style abayas for girls

This cool sky blue color abaya is just simple but the over jacket has made the apparel wondrous. You can have any kind of jacket in mid length or in bolero style to add the versatility; if you are street style fashionista then a pair of snickers are best to carry with abaya.

 Pleated brown abaya design:

7. Latest style abayas for girls

Brown abayas were also in past but this color abaya is more classic; abaya is looking beautiful by adding the shimmery and glittery golden lace on waist, neckline and scarf. Wear golden tinted shoes and have animal printed clutch to balance up the all brown color accents.

Trendy style white and black abaya:

8. Latest style abayas for girls

The color blocking trend is in its way and girls are getting the loose long jacket style  abaya over long shirt. You can even have this abaya with jeans, the turban style Hijab is very stylish with this abaya and high heel black shoes are your true destination.

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