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Latest Stylish Abaya Style For The Girls

latest abaya collection for trendy girls (6)

Abaya is the great choice for the ladies for covering their body because it is the religious obligation of the ladies to cover their body in front of the unknown males  because  many quarrels are due to the unveiling  so the Islam imposed  Hijab on the ladies .when the abaya and Hijab was introduced it was only in the  black  color but now there are many color ,style , and the  designs embroidery are common on the abayas and Hijab  this is not the outfit  only for the Muslim ladies rather the all ladies of the different countries  carry abaya as a fashion.

Silk, jarsi, chiffon, georgette and the many other stuff are common and the embroidery in the lace, stones, mechanic embroidery and many other for the best look .some ladies who don’t want to change their dresses for going outside they only wear the abaya and go out with the simple abaya the printed floral, vintage, zigzag style wool stuff and many other ideas so stay with us and see the different styles in abaya and Hijab.

Open style abaya:

1. Latest abaya collection for trendy girls

Open style abaya is very new and looking so nice the ban neckline  jacket style  embroidery on the abaya in the pink  blue  and white color tie it with the tussles and the overall open abaya with the  bell bottom sleeves you can carry it on the party dresses with the turban style Hijab  match your Hijab with your dress because it look so nice  for the young girls this style is best and mostly the students are using  this abaya with the beautiful staler ideas.

Black color glittered abaya:

2. Latest abaya collection for trendy girls

Floor length simple abaya fully glittered stuff is very good for the teen age girls the belt is used on the center of the abaya full sleeves it is in the frock style  wear this abaya with the printed staler like zigzag, floral, round pattern and many other. In the winter you can use the fur stuff scarf for the coziness  the crochet pattern staler Are also in used  the  college girls mostly carry this abaya and the printed hijabs.

Grey color new style abaya:

3. Latest abaya collection for trendy girls

The girls are not carrying abaya in the black color they are selecting different shades as just like shoking pink, sea green, sky blue and many other so the grey color is also looking something formal the grey color abaya fully pleated the belt is used in the center of the abaya with the   silver color beads and the  motifs it is looking so  charming  with it cap style Hijab is decent choice the Turkish ladies carry this Hijab this abaya is looking like the maxi .

Kaftan style abaya:

4. Latest abaya collection for trendy girls

Georgette stuff black abaya is very  elegant it look so  nice the  kaftan style  abaya embellished with lace  full sleeves  in the center zip is used  the stone work on the  bottom of the abaya  in the grey color  is giving your abaya a fabulous look with it you can carry the two shaded dupatta in the scarf style  you can  select any color  silk stuff is very elegant and look so formal  you can use the  brooches, clips and the pins for the  fancy look.

Silk abaya in brown:

latest abaya collection for trendy girls (9)

Light brown   color multi layered abaya is looking very cool you can carry the abaya with the any  color staler the  upper is  embellished with the silver work  the kaftan style  the sleeves are also very wide you can go with the  cap style Hijab for the gorgeous look  floral red color Hijab is also nice style for the young girl this style abaya is mostly wore  by the street style girls.

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