Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Modernly Styled Latest Abayas Designs For Stylish Girls


Well, we could not expect the word ‘Modern’ in past abayas as 80’s and 90’s reveals the time when ladies were covered in abayas styled in loose garment but with no embellishments. Now entering the abayas into modern fashion world, girls have just changed their mind to wear it casually and fashionably too. All type of stylish accessorizing is done on these abayas to fill the charm of fashion and trends by young ladies. Even street style fashion has been mixed with abayas and as a result the Muslimah has become iconic part of fashionistas.

Multiple blogs in this regard have contributed to update the sneak peeks of abaya fashion of different regions. The world wide significance of abayas thus, helped in opting for every style introduced by designers by girls no matter to which region they belong. If we talk about designers, they have also their contribution, now designers launch abayas collection to revamp the wardrobes of girls attaining with highly fashionable accumulation.

Well, the collection we have submitted here is the chicest of all, filled with trendy abayas line that will readily help you in knowing what are the latest fashion peeks of abayas this season. Let’s have a look at the collection given below.

Belted waist abaya with scarf:


This is purely the inspiration of Pakistani abaya but the versatility invites all other girls to wear it with their own moods. The scarf in this regard is a good match taken by this model, intricate designing scarf with wrapped style is giving perfect impressions. This abaya is skin nude color shade will be great for young girls to wear in college, university or anywhere you want.

Black abaya with turban Hijab:


Black abayas are purely the style of past when ladies took it for casually in simple styling. But now black abayas have even more embellishments, look at the image where girl has styled robe like flared abaya with blue cut-out like designing pattern at back. The turban Hijab have made the pair perfect, this styling of abaya is mostly done by African or black ladies but the girls in other regions may do this in their own way.

Designer perfect abaya:


The abaya is soft color looks like a gown with long Flowy sleeves attached differently but it’s a fact that now abayas have been styled in the same manner, a gown is made. This designer abaya has embroidery pallets on the shoulder with floral motifs. The abaya can wear by girls on parties too when they need something semi formal abaya. You may have subtle makeover with this abaya and high heel shoes can make you look trendier.

New trend of abaya:


Well, a new trend in trendy abayas has invented, tube dress with robe like abaya is worn by western and Dubai Muslimahs. High heel shoes and scarf is styled which looks awesome. The girls in Pakistan however go with fully draped abaya if they don’t want to give tube dress a go. Such abayas in the image can be also a chic style statement of street style fashionistas.

Denim cut-out coat style abaya:


Coat style abayas inspiration is especially famous among Turkish ladies; they carry such style abayas with silk scarves. Look at the image with cut-out designing and denim coat style that is perfect for winter season when you have to pick up the abayas that may be a cold-save wearing. Make a match of black pumps shoes or booties if you take it for winter.

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