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New And Latest Designs Of Abayas That Will Inspire You

Latest Abaya & Saudi abaya Designs 2017 (8)

The increasing trend of abaya is definitely appraisable and women wearing abayas look very decent and somber. It is considered very good and must in some of the countries as in Pakistan, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Now women have become so much conscious that they sought after the new trendy and fashionable designs of abaya. Not only to cover the body but to look trendy, chic and fashionable they are following the trend of abayas.

Kaftan style abayas, butterfly abayas, over coat style abayas and open front style abayas have attracted the attention of women a lot and those who were not habitual of wearing abaya have been started to wear abaya.

We can have abaya with lace embellishment, embroidery work, stone work and net designs and all of them look very sophisticated and amazing. Some women even attend marriage functions wearing abaya all the time.

So they must desire to wear abaya that could give them stylish and classy look. Black color is very old color but now the trend is on peak. Still now abayas designed in black color are going trendy. In the latest designs of abayas and Saudi abaya we can see abayas in black color in awesome and elegant styles.

Kaftan style abaya:

1. look-1

This Kaftan style abaya will give you very relaxing and comfy feelings. You can exude immense confidence in this Kaftan style abaya. Embellished with patches of golden color having thread embroidery work the black color abaya is looking very stylish and classy. Belted from the waist the abaya will give you modish and active look even to be worn on weddings.

Black abaya with silver designing:

2. Latest Abaya & Saudi abaya Designs 2017 (4)

Wear this abaya to flatter your own individuality and enjoy the glances of other girls. They will love your abaya and with this stylish abaya you can inspire the other girls. Fish sleeves of the abaya are décor with silver patches.

The front of abaya is decorated with silver large tussles and started from shoulder they ended on the side of the waist. Black color Hijab is worn on the abaya and both hijab and abaya are looking very complimentary. Wearing Hijab cap you can take Hijab over it.

Grey and tea pink color abaya:

3. Latest Abaya & Saudi abaya Designs 2017 (3)

Apart from black color this grey color abaya with the contrast of tea pink color will give you enthralling and captivating look making you look stand out in the crowd. The abaya is very simple but the color co0ntrast is making the abaya eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Hijab of tea pink color is draped over the head.

Abaya with embroidery work:

4. Latest Abaya & Saudi abaya Designs 2017 (9)

Bell style sleeves with overcoat style abaya are looking fabulous with embroidery work on it. Sleeves of the abaya and border are detailed with embroidery designing on it. Wearing Hijab cap, the Hijab is worn over the head.


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