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New And Stylish Purple Color Abaya Collection

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Abaya is religious obligation for Muslim women to cover and hide their body from the unknown males’ while going out, whether she is going out for shopping in the market, for study to college/university or work to office and any other place.

In this world of fashion, abaya is not only carried by the Muslims women rather it is worn by many western ladies. Because stylish and colorful abaya is not used only for hidden the body rather it is adopted as a fashion and the ladies who are going outside and don’t have time to change their dresses they can wear the abaya with the scarf.

Long ago, abaya was used only in the black color and only in the button down style but now many style and colors are common in the abaya that look very unique and stylish. Black is the traditional color of abaya.

But with the growing trend of wearing abaya ladies want to wear different colors abaya to look stylish and modern. Black is also a nice color and always in fashion trend but somehow looks old fashioned in abayas. Here is a special collection of purple color abayas that can be used for all kinds of social gatherings.

Purple color abayas are here that are looking so beautiful and attractive because purple is not in one shade rather it has many dark and light shaded and hues as just like plum, lavender, violet, magenta, fuchsia, lilac and many other.

So if you want to wear the beautiful abayas in different style then stay tuned with us and you can choose the different styles and different shade of purple for you. These purple shades abayas are garnished with different types of embroidery work and embellishments and are truly impressive, hope you will like these the most.

This abaya is designed with beautiful and attractive color contrast of purple and black, stuff of velvet is used along with black jersey stuff in making this abaya.

Purple velvet fabric and silver stones on the yoke of abaya and fabricated border on long black sleeves made this abaya chic and stylish, you can carry purple color hijab and scarf for the gorgeous look.

Lavender color in sheer fabric and silk is looking so nice in this abaya that is tailored in mermaid or fishtail style.  Floor length abaya has back long trail and fitted long sleeves that are designed in silk stuff and the full abaya is designed with sheer fabric with silk inner lay.

Allover abaya is decorated with dark purple color machine thread embroidery looking so nice and stylish. If you are going to attend a night wedding ceremony and want to make a style statement by wearing your abaya then this mermaid style abaya is a great choice.

Pair your stylish and embroidered mermaid style abaya with plain silk scarf, high heel shoes, smoky eyes makeup and dark purple lip color and you will not need any kind of accessory to make your look more beautiful.

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