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New Black Abaya Collection for Ladies by la Reine


Trending 2016-17 deisgns of black abaya by la reine

Abaya is basically a concept of Islam for women who have to cover themselves all over from neck to ankles with something that can be worn out over the top of clothes. Some women also like to carry abaya as their dress in order to make themselves more comfortable and to forbid themselves not to remove abaya even when they feel hot or warmth as well.

abaya is basically worn out with hijab and naqab. Hijab and naqab are of utmost importance with abaya because without hijab or naqab, abaya might seems to be incompetent and and give out incomplete appearance. One can tell that something is missing is abaya is carried alone by a women.

Now abundant of designers of fashion world have noticed that abaya fashion has been exceeding with passage of time as women all over the world find their self comfortable in wearing abaya.

Designers are now conducting their hard to launch out contemporary abaya designs while maintaining real sequence and worth of abaya with modified extracts involving shades and designs in accurate sequence. Our current presentation will highlight modified abaya collection with highlights. Base color is black.

New abaya design:


Traditional style modern abaya:


Printed edges black abaya:


Simple black abaya:


Modern simple black abaya:


Pure black abaya:


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