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New Style Plain Black Abaya Designs For Girls


An abaya is considered as long garment which is worn out by Muslim ladies over their regular clothing while leaving house. Most of the times, Muslim ladies like to wear dark colored abaya in simple form. New fashion trends added in abaya style has upgraded the shades and style of traditional and simple abaya dress.

There are varied ways to carry abaya. It may be taken with hijab or naqab. Some women even hide their hands while wearing gloves and feet to while wearing socks. Real fat behind wearing abaya is that women have to protect its modesty and men should lower their eyes when Muslim women are passing by them.

Abaya is real life comfortable clothing for ladies to cover their body as a whole. In current fashion world, designers have come up with embroidered abayas in brighter versions of shades; you can find different styles and colors in darker and lighter tones in abaya as well.

About post:

Our currently drafted presentation is allied with display of remarkable and traditional style simple black abaya designs for young Muslim girls. In previous times, only black simple abaya was worn out by ladies.

Current fashion aspects are added in abaya fashion and thus make it more eligible and attractive for ladies to wear. I think best way and best design is to wear traditional black simple abaya. We have drafted simple black abaya designs for ladies with minimal designing facts and figures.

Only stitching style may be varied in this case and in this way, you can also seek through way of carrying proper abaya with hijab as well.

Take a look at our drafted presentation and you will observe first ever traditional style and fashion that was included in greatest fashion facts in simple ways.

Visual aids:
Black and brown simple abaya style for women:


Simple stylish black abaya:


Black abaya:


New style black abaya:


Straight black abaya:


Gorgeous black abaya:


Simple loose black abaya:


Charcoal black abaya:



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