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Nice-looking Abayas With Beautiful Prints And Colors

abaya with nice prints and colors (10)

Abayas in summer can give fabulous look and in comfortable stuff with floral prints you can have style-statement look. Mostly Muslim girls are habitual of wearing abayas and it is the religious obligation for them to cover their body and head to hide ornaments from others.

Gone were the days when women only wear black color abaya, now women sought after such abayas that can give them style-statement look. Women are looking for abayas that must look according the season and wearing those abayas they can give out fascinating and awe-inspiring look.

Pairing the abaya with Hijab in contrasted hues you can have wonderful look. To give you ideas about abayas in summer look at some options shown here:

Nude skin abaya with tea pink color hijab:

1. abaya with nice prints and colors (1)

Don this belted abaya with floral prints in light colors all over it. Yellow and light purple color flowers are looking very beautiful and this printed abaya will give fabulous look. With tea pink color Hijab the abaya is looking wonder-struck and young girls will really love this color to wear. Belted stylish waist is making the girl look modish and classy.

Turquoise color floral printed abaya:

2. abaya with nice prints and colors (11)

You will exude very fresh and amazing look in this turquoise color floral printed abaya in silk fabric. The fabric is having its own shine and this will give you splendid look. Black color sash is increasing the charming look of the abaya. Black code shoes and black color Hijab is looking complementary for the abaya. Going for shopping at mall you can opt for this abaya to have elegant and fresh look in summer.

White color abaya with red floral prints:

3. abaya with nice prints and colors (6)

Opt for this white color abaya having floral prints of red color all over it. The abaya is great to wear for small girls and they will look very cute and nice in this abaya paired with white color Hijab. Net fabricated Hijab is looking addition to the beautiful look of the abaya. White color code shoes will give fascinating and charming look with this abaya.

Abaya with daisy floral print:

4. abaya with nice prints and colors (5)

Black color abaya with white color daisy floral prints is looking fantastic for summer. Large flare of abaya with its lovely print will give you very chic look. Sky-blue color Hijab is increasing the charm of the abaya. Make your personality inspirational for others wearing the amazing printed abaya and women of age will look very sophisticated in this abaya.


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