Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Ramadan Special Abaya Designs For Girls 2017


Abaya is all about keeping modesty of ladies and make men to respect women when they pass by them by lowering their eyes. In some Muslim countries, it is restricted for ladies to not to come outside from their house if they are not wearing abaya.

A traditional abaya is long dress which is worn out above your regular clothing style. Traditional abaya was used to be simple and black which was probably carried with hijab or naqab.

Some of ladies are so much sensitive about their abaya that they like to wear even socks and gloves to cover their hands and feet. There are new styles amazing abaya styles designers have come out with and people are carrying more and more.

In current times, one can easily find out simple to fancy abaya collection from darker to lighter or may brighter shades based upon variety of stuff depending upon weather.

About post:

Our currently drafted presentation is allied with display of fascinating and highly remarkable fashion collection of abaya which has been presented in current times of Ramadan. No doubt that there is already number of designs abaya for ladies as well at online basis and also in market.

But one should keep looking on ideas which have been treated as latest fashion designs in clothing manner. We have elected bunch of designs in abaya based upon perfect styles and color combinations as well paired with perfect hijab also.

Just take a look at our drafted ideas and you will get to know about latest facts and figures regarding abaya styles for ladies in current festive season.

Visual aids:
Brown abaya for girls:


Stylish black and white abaya for girls:


Simple and stylish abaya:


Simple abaya design in beige color:


Frock style simple abaya design:


Trendy printed blue abaya:


Beautiful bold green abaya style:


White floral abaya for girls:


Beautiful floral new abaya style for girls:


Stylish black abaya design:


Cool abaya style:


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