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Silk Abayas are Cool to have Chic Style Statement

9. Silk abaya collection for ladies

We do not forget Muslimahs when talking about any trendy piece of garments, today with exciting silk abayas, I am here to redefine your style statement and be a cool fashionista. Talking about its history we will find the style not match with abayas that are in trends. Today you will estimate different style abayas with chic modifications. Abayas were changed when fashion symmetry influenced the Muslimahs style statement.
Women are considered to be covered by a full fledge draping in Islam just to not show off the body so abayas are best way to fulfill this rule but it has been seen the Hijabians want something more than that so they want everything from stuff to color and also the style of abaya.
When going with any abaya the first thin a lady thinks is the fabric which must buy according to the seasonal demand and silk draping is fit to carry in fall winter or even spring days. While there is plenty of styles in abaya fashion that a lady opt for easily such as, straight style abaya, Kaftan, gown style, Flowy, Turkish abayas and many more to revamp the Muslimahs wardrobe. As I have mentioned above that according to season stuff is sane enough so Hijab option also must be estimated getting this point in mind, for spring days, go with chiffon or soft crepe Hijab but for fall winter girls like to have silk Hijab. Don’t wait any more and go to the collection given below just for the trendy ladies.

Black silk abaya with green designing:

1. Silk abaya collection for ladies

Simply the black silk abaya is just a right piece of Islamic wearing that has been designed with green matching, the girls can try this when going for scheduled routine of university but you must have the little hues of makeover to look nice.

Coat style blue silk abaya:

2. Silk abaya collection for ladies

The plain blue coat style abaya has charm especially for winter days although you may opt for warm stuff but silk in winter will elevate the formal look incredibly. Go with multi color and pattern Hijab.

Embellished silk abaya style:

3. Silk abaya collection for ladies

The black and brown silk abaya styled with embroidery tremendously crafted on neckline and sleeves is a wonderful wearing for trendy girls, just wear high heels and enjoy your look.

Pastel chalk grey abaya:

4. Silk abaya collection for ladies

If you have fair complexion then going with this chalk grey silk abaya will be amazing thing. The lace crafted on upper part of abaya is subtly making the abaya much more.

Stylish abaya in navy blue:

5. Silk abaya collection for ladies

This stylish abaya is for fashion ladies who just want to rock their image by wearing chic and fantastic style abaya. You can wear this also to different evening parties but with accessorizing in a cool way.

Silk caftan abaya style:

6. Silk abaya collection for ladies

Caftan abaya is very popular among girls and to join the evening galas, they never forget to have caftan style abaya to these events. This abaya style is exemplary to attain highly preferable style statement.

Turkish abaya design in red:

7. Silk abaya collection for ladies

Turkish abayas are the chic style abayas every girl dreams to wear that is why in this silk collection we have added this abaya to update the style stamen of girls impressively.

Embroidered brown abaya:

8. Silk abaya collection for ladies

Golden hues of booti embroidery on border and neckline are making the subtle silk brown abaya more prominent. Get the dull golden clutch in hand and be a sophisticate lady.

White belted silk Kaftan abaya:

9. Silk abaya collection for ladies

this option is for trendy girls who wanna add the trendy hues in their style but with ultimate elegance. Keep the branded handbag in hand and have sunglasses to look more chic.

Pastel pink abaya with scarf:

10. Silk abaya collection for ladies

Pastel colors always refresh the appearance wondrously and look at this abaya simply made with silk stuff and no embellishment but the grey scarf on head is making the combination ethereal.

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