Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Stylish Abaya Designs for Young Girls


Being Muslim it is our big and religious responsibility to cover ourselves with abaya by following the teachings of our religion Islam. Young girls like to carry abaya but they want to look stylish too in abaya. For this purpose they want to buy stylish abaya and here is the collection of beautiful and stylish abayas designed according to the needs of young and modern girls. Hope these will inspire them the most.

Floor length abaya is designed in the shamooz silk stuff in turtle neck and its upper gown is designed in kaftan style in the stuff of chiffon. White shuttle lace is placed on the neckline and border of upper kaftan style gown. White color scarf or hijab will be best with this abaya and a college/university girl will like it. Black abaya is designed in baggy style and decorated with tiny stones. Abaya is designed in jersey stuff in two color combination grey and orange ion a very different style. Modern and stylish girls will like it the most.

Open front grey color abaya is set on the fitted plain abaya. Black stones are placed on the upper grey gown and a plain grey scarf will look good with this abaya. Abaya are designed in other colors too as you can see in the picture. Three abayas are designed in two color combinations as navy blue and beige, sea green and white, pink and black. The style of three abayas is same and you can buy the color of your choice.

Skin color with black is used in making this abaya stitched in different style. The half part of abaya including sleeve is made in black color and other half part including half sleeve is designed in skin color decorated with black shuttle lace looking nice and perfect for a college going girl.

Some girls want to carry abaya all time in a party or function too. So here are some stylish abayas for parties too just see and take the idea. Fitted abaya is designed in umbrella shape in a different green color, kept plain only a little work of beads and stones are done on the side of v-neckline and a silk hijab in golden color is set with this abaya. Baggy style abaya is designed in jersey stuff in mustard color.

Sequins lace in golden color is placed on the top of the sleeves to make this abaya fancy and beautiful.
A-line black abaya is designed in jersey stuff kept plain no material is used to garnish this abaya because a short jacket in light green color with olden buttons is set with the plain abaya to make it beautiful. If you want to carry this in a party then use a fancy scarf or hijab with this.

abaya-designs-2016-new-burka-fashion high-good-quality-latest-arab-abaya-kaftan-style

islamic-abaya-designs-for-girls-1 islamic-abaya-designs-for-girls-2 islamic-abaya-designs-for-girls-3 islamic-abaya-designs-for-girls-4 islamic-abaya-designs-for-girls-5 islamic-abaya-designs-for-girls-6 islamic-abaya-designs-for-girls-7 islamic-abaya-designs-for-girls-8 latest-colorful-abaya-fashion-designs-for-girls latest-dubai-designer-abaya-gowns-designs new-abaya-designs-ideas traditional-islamic-clothing winter-abaya-for-girls

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