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Stylish And Classy Abaya Designs For Summer

floral abaya collection in summer (8)

Abayas need to be change with the change of season as in summer you cannot wear what you were wearing in winter. Definitely you would like to go with light fabrics and stuffs that can make you feel comfortable in hot season.

Light floral prints will give outstanding look in summer and with light colors light prints give soothing and pleasant look. Colors like sky-blue, nude color, off-white, cream, pink and colors those look pleasing to eyes become most sought after in summer. Prints all over the abaya or on border can make you look style-statement with amazing Hijab.

Open front, belted abayas, abayas with sash and pleated abayas etc will make you look fabulous. In this summer if you are looking for abaya that goes perfect according the atmosphere and surrounding and that can increase the charm of your personality then see the abayas given here for summer:

Belted abaya with floral prints all over:

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Ivory color of the abaya is looking amazing with beautiful mustard color floral prints that have turned the look of the abaya all over. These fabulous prints will please you in scorching eat with its fine-looking design.

Open front style of abaya with brown color belt will give you modish and chic look. Brown color pashmina fabricated Hijab worn over head will complement this floor length abaya. This abaya is especially for young girls and this will give them cute and lovely look.

Animal printed abaya with butterfly sleeves:

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With chiffon fabricated stuff animal printed abaya is made beautifully with butterfly sleeves. This abaya is for fashionistas for looking classy and stylish. Black color sleeves are looking suitable with the abaya. Silk ribbon is used to make sash and flower at one side is making the abaya nice-looking.

Floral prints on border, animal printed design along with floral designing, butterfly sleeves and silk chiffon fabric are all making the abaya worth-buying for the time of going to some classy place.

Sky-blue color abaya with floral prints:

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Don this fine-looking abaya o party functions and Arabian can sport it on wedding ceremony to have pleasant look. The outclass color of abaya with floral designing on border in different colors and white lace on waist will help you look stand out in the crowd. White color Hijab draped over head will look very chic with the abaya. For the time of going outside you can wear goggles to save your eyes from sunlight and the goggles will look outstanding with this designing and style of the abaya.

Nice-looking abaya for working ladies:

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This abaya can increase the charming personality for a working lady. A working woman would look for an abaya that can make her feel comfy and confident with its genuine fabric and stylish open front style. Pair the over coat style abaya over fitted trousers and with black Hijab you will look gorgeous. Daisy floral printed abaya on silk fabric is looking awe-inspiring and with plum color pointed pumps and golden color chain will turn the whole look of abaya.

Booty printed abaya with sash:

5. floral abaya collection in summer (15)

Wear this booty printed abaya in chocolate brown color. This A-line abaya will give you decent and fabulous look. Opt this abaya for summer season and have gorgeous look in this attire making the abaya paired with the same color Hijab. Going out for grocery store or to shop don this abaya and have captivating and attractive look. A wrist watch in hand with golden color will give you chic and beautiful look.


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