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Stylish Double Layered Abaya


Abaya is very important for Muslim ladies they use this special wear in order to cover their body. All Muslim ladies wear abaya before going out and in this way the feel more comfortable in public places including markets, colleges etc. all the women of Islamic countries in the world-wide love to wear this long body covering outfit because they can wear any dress inside the abaya and go wherever they want. It has so many advantages regarding to safety and easiness. You can also make yourself complete with this complete Islamic dress.  In older days women used simple black abayas without making any design, pattern and embroidery but in this modern age everything has changed.

Today the trend of wearing trendy and stylish abaya is increasing day by day because young girls like to wear stylish and trendy abayas. Double layered abaya is one of the latest designs and getting popular among young girls. All the popular fashion designers try to provide modern and unique design abayas. Latest abayas are available not only in black color but other colors also added in them so you can enjoy these amazing experiences. Various patches, laces, buttons and other materials are used by best designers to bring magical effect in them.

All the designs in this double layered abaya collection are simple, beautiful and special and have been tailored by experienced tailors. They have used in designing creative ideas, different patterns and fresh color combinations. Take a glimpse on the collection of double layered abaya for young and modern girls.
Double layered abaya is designed in the combination of black and grey in ruffled design. A girl can carry this abaya with grey hijab or scarf.

Inner layer of abaya is designed in blue color while the upper layer is in black color is designed with open front and decorated with brooches, borders of tight sleeves are decorated with mesh lace looking nice and can be worn both casually and formally. It will look good with both black and blue hijab and if you are wearing this abaya in a party then use blue hijab and matching blue shoes with it.

This simple abaya in the combination of grey and blue is looking nice. The inner abaya is designed in a thick stuff in grey color and upper layer abaya is designed in the stuff of chiffon in check print blue color with open front and buttons. A girl can use this abaya for casual wear at college/university with plain black scarf. Double layered abaya is stitched in plain black and checked design, checked print on the outer side and plain black on the inside. The outer checked design side is sleeveless and features buttons front fastening and the inner side is stitched with full sleeves and neck collars. Pair it with statement shoes.

Abayas arte designed in white color too, perfect for college/university. Maxi abaya is designed in the stuff of georgette in white color and a light peach color open front gown is set with this to make double layer abaya. You can use this abaya for your office too with lightweight jewelry and light makeup. Other maxi style abaya with gown is designed in the combination of grey and blue color. Upper layer of grey gown is stitched with front patti in blue color with blue buttons. If you are going to attend a formal party with abaya then you should use stylish grey or blue hijab and carry matching shoes with your abaya to look stylish.

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