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The Main Difference Between Abaya and Burqa of Ladies



In Islam, many times women are asked to cover their body with loose garment especially when they go outside and confront the men dominance. In Islamic teachings woman basically needs to hide from evil eyes that is why Parda is essential for Muslim ladies. It has been seen that people have confusing arguments about abaya and burqa; they don’t know the difference that is why both terms are very mess creating for them. We are set here to clear all the wrong perceptions about two Islamic wearing that religion Islam asks to women. Let’s start to define both terms of abaya and burqa separately so that everyone may know about the main difference.

Traditional Burqa:

Being a Muslim girl, I remember in my childhood (it’s all about 90s) we saw Afghani ladies wearing a long head to toe wearing that does not make the body and figure of a lady prominent. Even I used to hearing from my mother that her aunts and granny wore such clothing when go from home. these were all burqa also spelled burka, a lady covers her all body with such wearing in a way that no one can see her but she can have glance from eye area where a net like designing were crafted to see things. This is most traditional and old form of Islamic covering called burqa that ladies wore to hide their body shape from unknown men of society and they unveiled it until return to home. Most of the time burqa is designed in black, blue and neutral colors; here we have images that will reveal of the purely designed burqa which are being worn in Afghanistan area.

Abaya of modern age:

Abaya is the most famous wearing basically from Arab world and the word abaya is also an Arabic word that defines the clothing styled in robe like loose over garment. Somewhere it is open front that easily wear but some are like gowns. Not only Muslimahs but now internationally this draping has been accepted by foreign ladies too. Because abaya is not just like the burqa style from head to toe covering that is why it is matched with niqaab, Hijab or any scarf goes down the shoulders. It depends upon a girl that if she wants to cover her face with parda then veil can maintain with Hijab or scarf. Well the abaya has now various styles more when it has been entered into the fashion world. Yes, now girls like to wear it as fashion and try to wear different abaya styles such as caftan, open front, coat style, takchita, butterfly and chiffon simple abaya on daily basis. Take a view of abayas to get the clear difference between abaya and burqa, now you will understand that these two terms cannot be mingled because they are totally change codes from one another.

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